Saturday, October 30, 2010

Happy Halloween... Linky!

This is totally one of my favorite holiday's!!! My kids are out Trick-or-Treating (we do it on Saturday night in Utah, because that's how we roll!) I am just passing out candy to all the little cuties that come to my door.  Here is my costume...
Here I am in all my GLORY!

I am pretty sure I am going to break out like crazy after this!

"A Very Merry Un-Birthday to you!"

Tea Party!

The White Rabbit, Queen of Hearts, Alice, White Queen and The Mad Hatter!

I still love him even with that scary mask!

Link up your Halloween fun below, it can be your costume, something Halloween inspired or whatever!!  It only takes a second!!!  I will be back Monday with my church inspired Halloween OOTD and continue the linky!

Friday, October 29, 2010

Plums make me happy!!

Today my kids are out of school... we are headed here it's a Halloween MUST if you live in Utah!  Whenever I hit the make-up counter I always pick out the same shades, gold tones for my eyes and plums for my lips.  Although I ventured out and got a new color I also picked up a new plum lipstick!  Here is my new plum color...
New Lipstick: Fluid
New Lip-liner: Plum
Lip Gloss: Up in Smoke

In honor of Halloween... the frightening close-up!!!

Don't forget to check back this weekend and link up your blog with your Halloween inspired outfit/costume!!  Here is a sneak peek into my Halloween inspired church outfit... here and here!

Thursday, October 28, 2010

OOTD- My new favorite!

Thank you for all you boot help, I should get these in the next day or two!  I am sooooo in love with these cords and this top, I can honestly say it's one of my new *favorite* outfits!!  I am off to pick up a few more things before Halloween (like more candy since I ate half of it!)  Since the weather has turned cold this week I am enjoying layering and bundling up before I leave home.  I am also headed to my daughter's class to help with the Halloween party!!!  Here is what I am wearing today...
Top Anthro: Bianka blouse
Pants Antrho: Pilcro cords
Boots Antrho: Bowtied Beauties
Necklace Anthro: similar here

Oh *no-buy* you are killing me!!! I am dying to get so many things... but mostly these!

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Which boots?

Last night we had so much fun playing fear factor, it was a riot!  Lately I have had a bee in my bonnet, I MUST get some black flat boots!  I found some (and ordered them) at Anthro but am having second thoughts.  So, I need your help... which boots do you like better?

Miz Mooz at ShopStyle

Anthropologie at ShopStyle

I know I want flats (because I know I will wear them a lot!)  I just am not sure the black in #2 is black enough.  Should I just order both and then decide???  Should price play much of a role here?


Tuesday, October 26, 2010

OOTD- Polk-a-dots and yellow!

Today I am BUSY, I am having my family over to play Halloween inspired fear-factor!  I am so excited to watch the kids totally freak out with the crickets and spiders.  I HATE that stuff so my hubby will be manning all insect inspired challenges!  Here is what I am wearing today...
Cardi Target: Merona
Tank Boden: similar here
Jeans True Religion: Skinny Lonestar
Shoes Sam Edelman: Charleen
Necklace Tiffany: Key

Monday, October 25, 2010

OOTD- Falling for fall!

This outfit was was purchased for my little brother's wedding, the colors were brown, orange and plum.  I busted it out for church yesterday since we are in full fall weather here in Utah!  It is suppose to snow this week (wince!)  I hate trick-or-treating in the snow (who is kidding who, I make my hubby take the kids!)  This week I am back on the self imposed *no-buy* and for the record will only get this if it hits sale tomorrow.  I will make myself pass on everything else (I have to I ordered these on Saturday!)  Here is what I wore to church yesterday...
Jacket Anthro: similar here
Tank Anthro: similar here
Skirt DownEast Basics: similar here
Tights Nordstrom: similar here
Boots BCBGirls: similar here
Necklace Anthro: similar here

Pictures from my brother's wedding:

This is my family outside the Logan Temple!

I am going to do a blog linky this weekend for Halloween inspired outfits/costumes (it can be your kids too), so make sure and take a picture and stop back by and link your blog up!!!

Friday, October 22, 2010

New Color... New Woman!

A few of my favorite things are... clean sheets on my bed, hot cocoa by a warm fire when it's snowing, the smell of autumn in the air, spring flowers popping up in the snow, new shoes, watching my kids sleep and NEW LIPSTICK!!!  After a really hard day on Saturday when my son broke my candle and the dog pooped in the house... ahhhhhh!  I was ready to pull my hair out when we headed to Nordy's and I picked up two new lipstick colors!  I wanted a beautiful red that was not too dark and was bright and cheery!  I LOVED the color soooo much I felt like a new woman!  I am off to volunteer at my daughter's school (with the book fair) so no OOTD it is just tooo early!!
My new lipstick: Viva Glam IV
My new lip-liner: Half-Red 
Lip gloss: Betty

I am kinda freaked out by this picture, but you can really see the color!

BTW: This dress was a TOTAL bust for me, it's so beautiful IRL but the orange color of it, looked something awful on me!!  I also picked up another lipstick color I will show you next week!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

OOTD- Going (dark) green!

Today is parent teacher conferences and I am excited to go and hear how my daughter is doing in school (I already know she is doing well, because I talk to her teacher every time I volunteer in her class!)  I am also off to a field trip for my son's preschool... pumpkin patch fun is sure to ensue!!  I found this shirt and fell in LOVE with it!  I also finally broke down and picked up these and they make their debut today!   Here is what I am wearing...
Top Anthro: Floral Frappe
Pants Anthro: Pilcro cohort cords 
Boots Anthro:  Bowtied Beauties
Belt Anthro: Looping Lanes
Necklace F21: similar here

Does anybody know if I can find these without paying shipping that is more than the product?  My pants need a little help staying down in these boots!

I really don't want to talk about this (because you will be disappointed) but I also picked up the Sugar-coated  dress.  Tisk Tisk!  I pretty much just wiped my butt with my *no-buy* hu!?

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

OOTD- Sailor stripes!

Once I saw Sweet tea picked up this cute top at H&M I knew I *needed* it!!  I adore stripes right now and cannot believe how comfy it is, I also love the little buttons they have as accents!  I am off to have some "Mommy-time" and go shopping this morning (with only one kid in tow!)  I *tried* hard to resist getting anything from the sale but failed... yes, I ordered this (blast you shipping charges!) I did decide that since this took so long to hit sale I am over it already!!!
Top H&M: similar here
Jeans True Religion: Skinny Lonestar
Belt Anthro: similar here
Shoes Jeffery Campbell: similar here for CHEAP!
Bracelet old: similar here

Because of my *no buy* status I passed on this and this, I realized I don't *need* them (yes I am proud of myself!)

Lastly if you live in California please check this out.... one of my dear friend's niece is missing and any prayers and help would be appreciated!

Monday, October 18, 2010

OOTD- Beige stripes.

This week I am trying to wear some of my new stuff I picked up on vacation!  Yesterday I wore this dress, and I finally got to bust these cute boots out!  I am on an unofficial *no-buy* because I went a little crazy on vacation... but there are a few things like this and this at Anthro that if they hit sale I will HAVE to get!  Here is what I wore to church yesterday...

Cardigan Anthro: similar here
Dress Anthro: similar here 
Boots Anthro:  Bowtied beauties
Necklace J-Crew: similar here
Tights DKNY: similar here

I got these cute tights while working at Nordy's in 2002, I still think they are cute!!!

I should also say (for the record) that if this makes second cuts it will be mine!!!

Friday, October 15, 2010

Table pasta!

Confession: my kitchen table is SOOOOO ugly!!! I have been looking around for a new drop leaf table to replace my old (and hideous) one.  But some days I get really ambitious and think... a 're-mo' project would be fun!  So what do you think?  New table or remodel?  While I am on the 'kitchen subject' I have been pining over getting one of these little beauties...
 My sister and I spent some time shopping for one and I think I have finally found the one I *need*!  I can already taste all the homemade goodness it will make (and my jeans getting tighter!)  I will let you know more once it's arrived and I have made a presentable product!!!

Alright, I am off to hit up Target and pick up "How to Train your Dragon" a family movie party is in order for tonight!! 

Thursday, October 14, 2010

OOTD- Sucker for Tucker!

My kids are on Fall break and we are off to Cornbellys today!  I put this on and then decided to change into something a little more realistic for running through a corn maze.  Oh well, maybe this weekend I can bust this guy out again!  Fall is in full force here in Utah and I am enjoying every moment of it!  Caramel apple cider is totally on the menu today as well as a little squash soup for dinner!  I will probably be MIA tomorrow because there is no school again!!! 
Top Tucker for Target: Signature Dress  with a little pink!
Jeans Citizens of Humanity: Ava
Boots Miz Mooz: Solis
Belt Anthro: Looping Lanes
Necklace Tiffany: Key
Headband Payless: similar here

BTW: if you have never smelled this run don't walk to your nearest Sephora and grab one!!

Don't forget to enter my sister's awesome GIVEAWAY!!!