Tuesday, October 19, 2010

OOTD- Sailor stripes!

Once I saw Sweet tea picked up this cute top at H&M I knew I *needed* it!!  I adore stripes right now and cannot believe how comfy it is, I also love the little buttons they have as accents!  I am off to have some "Mommy-time" and go shopping this morning (with only one kid in tow!)  I *tried* hard to resist getting anything from the sale but failed... yes, I ordered this (blast you shipping charges!) I did decide that since this took so long to hit sale I am over it already!!!
Top H&M: similar here
Jeans True Religion: Skinny Lonestar
Belt Anthro: similar here
Shoes Jeffery Campbell: similar here for CHEAP!
Bracelet old: similar here

Because of my *no buy* status I passed on this and this, I realized I don't *need* them (yes I am proud of myself!)

Lastly if you live in California please check this out.... one of my dear friend's niece is missing and any prayers and help would be appreciated!


  1. Look at that waist... and you've had 3 kids! Talk about me dwindling down to nothin' =) Have a great time out shopping today!!

  2. Always love the stripes and red!! Great find. You did good on the Compeer Dress! Can't wait to see it with your beautiful red tresses! (that's my Anne of Green Gables word!)

  3. helllloooo dollie!!! You are ROCKING this outfit babe!!
    Love he stripes..Im a sucker fro stripes lately..and such cute shoes!!

    Read my Interview with Susan @ ModCloth♥

  4. Oh my goodness. I wish I could find this EXACT top. I love the buttons on the cuffs and the length! SO PERFECT. I love, love, love this look!

  5. H&M rocks my world! This place for me never dissapoints. I always walk out of there with something. I love love love the nautical look. Blue, Red and White for me screams sailor. LOVE IT!

    Your shoes are sweet!

    PS: when you get a moment, be sure to check out my first ever giveaway on my blog... pretty excited about it :)

    Yours Truly


  6. As always, you look really cute!

  7. Cute, cute! I should have bought that top!

  8. You are cute as a button with that outfit, the Green Thumb belt and red shoes are the sweetest accents, I love it! I tried to be good with the sale, but the Oleander Cardigan is taunting me. I already ordered two sweaters. I know I should be strong too and feel that same sense of pride in the end ;)

  9. I ordered the Compeer Dress, too!!! I hate those darn shipping charges, but even so, it was such a great second cut I couldn't resist. I totally agree about some things taking so long to hit sale that I find I no longer want them.

  10. I love the red accents.! They make this outfit really fun.

  11. I love the beautiful red flats! I'm sorry to hear about what happened to your friend's family.