Friday, October 15, 2010

Table pasta!

Confession: my kitchen table is SOOOOO ugly!!! I have been looking around for a new drop leaf table to replace my old (and hideous) one.  But some days I get really ambitious and think... a 're-mo' project would be fun!  So what do you think?  New table or remodel?  While I am on the 'kitchen subject' I have been pining over getting one of these little beauties...
 My sister and I spent some time shopping for one and I think I have finally found the one I *need*!  I can already taste all the homemade goodness it will make (and my jeans getting tighter!)  I will let you know more once it's arrived and I have made a presentable product!!!

Alright, I am off to hit up Target and pick up "How to Train your Dragon" a family movie party is in order for tonight!! 


  1. I want a new kitchen table too!! My husband keeps telling me we can't get all new furniture just because we are moving to a new (to us) house!! Why is he so mean? =) ha ha! I'm thinking of painting mine black so it would at least look better. Lots of bloggers have been doing it so I'm sure I could manage. You'll definitely have to show pictures if you DIY! Have a great Friday!!

  2. I have a kitchen table from Pier 1....LOVE it!!
    Hope Target was fun:)

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  3. I can't wait to see what you make with it, and I wish I live close enough so I could try it too!

  4. I LOVE my pasta maker! Enjoy!

  5. Definitely redo your table- I LOVE redoing furniture, and then it's a one of a kind piece!