Wednesday, February 20, 2013

We are all EARS!

We just returned from Disneyland, we had an amazing time!  I actually talked my hubby into getting annual passes (because we live 9 hours away, so I am sure you can see the wisdom in getting them!)  We are planning on going a few times in the next year to make it worthwhile!  I grabbed a few cute items for the trip for only a song and wanted to share the love!

First off a few of the cutest pictures of my posterity!
I know right?  It does not get any cuter than that!!!  Until...

Do you want to eat her too?

And now for fashion related topics!

I picked up that dotted cardigan for a song here
I finally joined my fellow bloggers and got on the GAP colored skinnies bandwagon!  Those cute green jeans were purchased here *and now they are even cheaper!*
I also got a few comfortable pairs of shoes one here and one here (in navy)!

More on some great finds coming up!!!

Until then look what picture is warming my heart...

Monday, February 18, 2013

I'm baaaaaaack!

Life with 4 kids has been overwhelming, fun and crazy!  I would not change a thing but being control of 5 different schedules really makes me feel like I have lost my mind!  I have goals to get back to blogging but no goal to post a certain amount of times a week and what not.  Ok first things first, I have lost a few pounds since having the baby.  Honestly though I still have a way to go before fitting into my  jeans.  I am working my rear off (literally) trying to get back into shape, but I am still nursing so no stress until I am done!  Here is what I wore to church!
Dress Anthropologie: VERY similar here
Cardigan Nordstrom BP: similar here
Boots Miz Mooz: darling and similar here

Did you see the sale this morning?  I picked up this little dress *fingers crossed* it works out!  I also picked up this cardi for that price I had to! 

*I am turning off the comment feature on my blog, no more feeling the pressure to comment!*