Monday, October 18, 2010

OOTD- Beige stripes.

This week I am trying to wear some of my new stuff I picked up on vacation!  Yesterday I wore this dress, and I finally got to bust these cute boots out!  I am on an unofficial *no-buy* because I went a little crazy on vacation... but there are a few things like this and this at Anthro that if they hit sale I will HAVE to get!  Here is what I wore to church yesterday...

Cardigan Anthro: similar here
Dress Anthro: similar here 
Boots Anthro:  Bowtied beauties
Necklace J-Crew: similar here
Tights DKNY: similar here

I got these cute tights while working at Nordy's in 2002, I still think they are cute!!!

I should also say (for the record) that if this makes second cuts it will be mine!!!


  1. I love your layered look, Tricia! It's great. Those boots go with your gorgeous hair so well.

  2. Very cute outfit :) I love the dress' waistband and the boots with it

  3. You look fabulous in the beige Perilla dress. A lot of other people thought that it washed them out, but it works so beautifully with your complexion. I'm so happy to see you wearing the Bowtied Beauties -- they look perfect every time I see them.

    Given that I have a pair of J. Crew riding boots that were only $7.50, I think I can justify buy myself the BBBs, right? I mean, if I average the cost of the two boots, it's less than $130 a pair, and that's a steal! Too bad I put myself on a shopping moratorium until November...or maybe December!

  4. Oh my goodness, those boots are incredible. And HOW did you get those tights on? I'd get my toe stuck in one hole and another toe stuck in another hole, and my toenail would rip them right up! You've had them and kept them in tact for a while! I'm super impressed.

  5. I love that dress and wish they would have had my size! You got me those tights and I still have them too. I need to break those suckers out!

  6. Beige is a great color on you! (I say that about everything you wear 'cause it is TRUE!) I love the boots and the cardi... and especially the fun tights =)

  7. haha..i am on a shopping ban too..
    (but i did the same thing you did...with i am going to get it if it goes on sale...!)
    my poor husband...he doesnt understand my shopping.

    i love that dress. it look super comfy!!! you look beautiful!

  8. I'm dubbing you "The Queen of Boots"! Now you have 2 awesome pair! I always loved the Perilla, but it looks so good on you with your hair!!

  9. I Love the shrug! Really beauitful!
    A Modest Fashion Blog:

  10. I LOVE this dress on you! I have never been that crazy about it but it looks so fabulous wiht that cardigan and the boots! You rocked it out of the park with this one...and your hair is too cute too! =) Can't wait for mania! I shouldn't be shopping either though. hmm...

  11. That dress is too cute on you...I still regret not picking it up!

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  12. The dress looks great on you and I can't believe those tights have lasted since 2002!

    I like the compeer is wishing for second cuts!

  13. Ack, why didn't I know you got the bow-tied boots? You look great in them, and I love the combo with the perilla dress.

  14. Sassy tights!!!! how the heck do they stay on your feet and your toes don't rip them!?!

    Perilla and boots works well together!

  15. Oh those boots are so much cuter on you! You look adorable - I love this dress on you!

  16. LOVE your little ruffles and tights!! those are soooo cool!! you look great!!

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