Tuesday, November 29, 2011

OOTD- Tick tock tick tock!

This quirky cardigan spoke to me the first time I saw it!  It said "Buy me buy me!"  So I did!  We have been really busy, my oldest is in the nutcracker and has like 1000 rehearsals!  At least it will all be over Saturday night and that will free up some more time!  I cannot believe Christmas is less than a month away.  I woke up early this morning and quickly grabbed these I hope they fit!  Here is what I wore to church on Sunday...
Anthropologie Cardigan: kind of similar here
Anthropologie Rising Vapors dress: similar here
Shoes Anthro: similar here

And from the photo shoot I did last week...
They would not let us take pictures there so I snapped one when I got home!

Friday, November 25, 2011

I came I saw I conquered!!!

Black Friday was one of the most fun/miserable nights of my life!  No sleep does something to you (just ask any new mother if you don't believe me!)  My sister and I hit up like a million stores (at least it felt like it!)  I got into a knock down drag out fight with the store manager at Old Navy because my daughters coat started falling apart literally (after less than 10 wears), and after a yelling match (which I won) I got the coat exchanged and some $$ back because it was on a super deal for BF!  I got about 85% of my Christmas shopping done and then came home and CRASHED hard!  My kids let me sleep 3 hours how nice hu?  Hubby headed out to the Utes football game and left me with the *terrific three* which let me tell you... post Thanksgiving kids + sleep deprived mother = BEST MOM EVER!!!  Would I do it all again YES!!  I had my awesome Sister pick me up a few great things at Anthro which totally made my day!  Here is what she got...

I have been longing for this dress since she came out and now she is mine for only 45 bucks!!

I am so excited about these jeans!
PS- I know I will not look nearly as good as the model but a girl can dream can't she?

This belt for only 15 bucks?  YES PLEASE!!

I hope you all got some great stuff!!!  Happy late Thanksgiving!

Monday, November 21, 2011

OOTD- Southward and then stop!

I went running this morning at 5 am I am gearing up for Black Friday!!  My husband keeps telling me that The Crazy Target Lady and me are two pea's in a pod!  We got hit with a huge snow storm last weekend and I am soooo in a holiday mood!  I have not put my tree out yet (I always wait until after Thanksgiving) but I have been listening to Christmas music (don't judge I just love Christmas music!)  Fingers crossed that Anthro will have a good sale tomorrow I have my eye on a few things!  Here is what I wore to church yesterday...
Dress Anthropologie Southward Stop: my next shirtdress here
Cardigan Anthropologie: similar here
Tights Anthropologie: similar here
Shoes Linea Paolo: similar here

Friday, November 18, 2011

OOTN- Breaking Dawn!!!

Just to be honest... BEST MOVIE YET!!!  I loved it, the romance, the comedy, the bloody scenes and most of all the shirtless scenes *spoiler alert* there are only TWO shirtless scenes.  That was my ONE and ONLY complaint!  I had a wonderful time with all of the ladies and am so hopped up on Dr Pepper I am blogging at 4 am!! Tomorrow I will want to sleep all day, but at least I will have these cute and super cheap shoes arriving (sometimes it's the little things that get you through the day!)  Here is what I wore tonight...
*So cute and soft and CHEAP!*
Cardigan Nordstrom: Bobeau cardi
Top Nordstrom: HIP sequin
Jeans J Brand: Jeggings
Shoes MIA: Parisian Flats

Goodie bags for everyone!

Me and Jacob!

Our group!!!
Ps- Because I am awesome I also got my Christmas cards ordered yesterday!  I plan to have those bad boys in the mail on December 1st, so I can check that off my list!  Yeah, I don't think I should write blog posts in the middle of the night I get kinda CRAZY!!!

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Thrifty Thursday!

A much needed GNO is just a few hours away, and I am in dire need of it!  I cannot wait to see Jacob take his shirt off, I mean the movie!  Alright, I have been itching for a pair of colored denim (a trend I thought I would never join) and put together an entire thrifty outfit with colored denim!  I am either going to get some pink denim (to wear with grey, navy or black tops and cardi's) or the red denim.  I have no idea why I am drawn to these bright colors but I think it has something to do with my *bright and cheery* personality;)!

*This whole outfit is only about 100 bucks!  I think that is pretty thrifty indeed!*

Love them!!!

The perfect neutral top to balance the party on the bottom;)

A white tank with some texture!

I LOVE this necklace it's from Nordy's and only 20 bucks!!

So cute!  For less than 15 bucks!

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

OOTD- Orange and dotty!

I am off to get my hair cut and colored... I know what you are thinking 'don't you color your own hair?'  Yes, but my neighbor is in beauty school and *needs me for a photo-shoot* she came over yesterday and kept telling me "don't be nervous to get your picture taken, you will do fine."  The whole time I kept thinking "Lady if you only knew... I post pictures of myself all over the Internet in clothes and what not.  I have no issues whatsoever with getting my picture taken."  But that is my little secret!  So I ordered a top for Breaking dawn and it arrived... can I say it's a mid-drifter top (not a good look for a mother of 3!!!)  I called Nordy's and they are overnighting me this top let's hope it works because I have not had good luck!!  All I can say is Nordstrom is awesome they have such incredible customer service!!!  Ok here is an outfit from last week when I went out to play Bunko with the girls, but I have had requests to see the awesome cheapo cardigan I got at Target, so here it is...
Top Anthropologie: Atomical Tee
Cardigan Target: Mossimo
Jeans Citizens of Humanity: Ava straight leg
Shoes Sam Edelman: Charleen Flats

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

OOTD- Aven Bloom

Can you believe next week is Thanksgiving?  I don't know if I am more excited for that holiday or black Friday.  I will not be making the pilgrimage to Anthro on black Friday I have waaaay too many stores to hit up getting stuff for the kiddo's!  Anthro's sale was a total let down this morning, the prices barely reflect any sort of sale.  I will do Thrifty Tuesday on Thursday this week.  Here is what I wore to church on Sunday...
Dress Anthropologie: Aven Bloom
Cardigan Nordstrom BP: similar here
Belt Anthropologie
Tights Anthropologie
Shoes NYLA: similar here

BTW I am so excited Breaking Dawn comes out in 2 more days!!!  Now if I can just find something to wear!

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Thrifty Tuesday!

Plain and simple I have been garbage at doing this blog, do you ever feel like you just can't catch up on life?  I do.  I have spent the week scouring the internet (and buying) some of these cute things.  I should tell you this came in the mail and I am not a fan (looks cheap and the fit makes me look pregnant!)... I guess it's back to the drawing board for an outfit!  Here are my thrifty finds (FYI all the pictures are links to the products.)
My two sisters have this top it's so flattering and for 20 bucks at Anthro!

Leopard print skinny belt anyone (only like 5 bucks!)

I have been eyeing this skirt debating if I can pull it off or not and then it hit sale and now it's on it's way (I will decide when it gets here!)

I am on a *flats* kick lately and ordered these they look so much like these made by Prada!

I cannot tell you enough how much I LOVE this cardi!  I got it in orange and am eyeing it in a few more colors!  My only advice is follow the reviews and size up!

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Once upon a time...

I was going to post 'Thrifty Tuesday's' on Thursday and then life got busy!  I worked at the Book Fair for my daughter's school all morning and then went chasing around town trying to find some metal thingy that helps turn your sprinklers off during the Winter.  It took most of my day, and then I was busy *trying* to pass the FINAL level on Curvebot like I said I was B-U-S-Y!!!  I will stay up all night if that is what it takes to pass the final level!  So here are this weeks super cute thrifty things!

This darling Peacoat is a steal, and with free shipping!

These cute little flats are right up my alley and sitting in my cart right now!!

I am not sure what my obsession with sequined tops is, but this one is at the top of my list for around 20 bucks!  (Think GNO or Holiday parties!)

I came across this dress at ON and if it had been longer it would have been mine!  I love a good cotton dress (so easy!) and with the 30% off promo code it's a real steal!

I am a total shampoo snob I admit it!  I usually use this but my daughter saw a commercial for these Suave shampoo's and HAD TO HAVE THEM!  I got them because they are dirt cheap and smell sooooo good!  I honestly can tell you they are fabulous!!  I use them every other day and cannot tell much a difference between those and my $$ shampoo's!  Give them a try what do you have to lose (like 6 bucks?)  I HIGHLY recommend the Rosemary and Mint the smell is identical to Aveda!

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

OOTD- November rain!

Yesterday the weather was utter perfection, it was in the 70's and sunny.  Trick or Treating was a cool Autumn night and my kids got (and ate) waaaaaay too much candy!  Now if I can keep myself from eating it all!  Since I posted last: I ran a half marathon, put on my daughters Halloween party (I somehow managed to say yes to being the room mom) my MIL came for a visit, and survived Trick or Treating.  After all that I am exhausted and going to reward myself with a little something!  Today is a rainy November day and I am ready to cuddle up by the fire all day!  Here is what I wore to church on Sunday...
Dress Anthropologie: my next shirtdress here
Belt Anthropologie: similar here
Boots Anthropologie: similar here

After sweating it up for 13.1 miles!!!
(Yes I am in costume I was a bat.)

Happy Halloween from: The Evil Queen, Snow White, The Apple, Sneezy, and Grumpy!

* I will have Thrifty Tuesday's on Thursday this week:)!*