Sunday, August 28, 2011

OOTD- eShakti makes me feel... Lady Like and Lovely!

A few weeks ago I was asked by eShakti if I would like to review a product... ummmm yes!!  I have adored this site since I found out about the shop via Peggy wearing a dress from them.  You can pick any dress and for only $7.50  have it customized to fit you!  For someone like me who does not wear anything sleeveless or shorter than knee length this website is a dream come true!  I already have my eye on this cute skirt... and you can't beat the prices!!  Enough gushing I will show you the photo's!  Here is what I wore to church today...
Dress eShakti: Pearl detail dress (I added sleeves!)
Belt Anthro
Shoes Seychelles: Pot of Gold (on sale!)

The beauty of this dress is really all in the details...
It fit lovely and I received so many compliments!  

Will I order again from eShakti?
YES!  I am one happy customer!!!

* If you are interested in ordering eShakti has graciously offered you all a COUPON!!  Just type in TRICIA0811 at checkout and you will get $20.00 off (that makes this cute skirt only 30 bucks!!!)  I hope you find shopping with them as wonderful as I have!!!*

While looking through the site I found a few Anthro-esque items...
Ummm Rising Vapors anyone?  If you missed out on it, get it here for only $35 (with coupon)
*how cute would this be in the Fall with boots and printed tights?*

This cute skirt reminds me of this Anthro one I got years ago!  Find it here for only $30!!!  (with coupon) 

Monday, August 22, 2011

OOTD- Off to school in *style*!

My daughter is starting 2nd grade in a new school today, we all got up early and the kids all got dressed in new school clothes (even though only one of them is starting today!)  They were so excited I could barely get through scriptures study this morning (actually one of them took off during it to get *dressed*.)  There is something so magical about starting school each year I remember just LOVING it!  Here is the dress I wore to church yesterday...
Dress Anthropologie In a Twinkling: similar here
Cardigan Anthropologie Field Game: similar and cheap here
Shoes Anthropologie Waving Grains: similar here

She poses just like me and I honestly did not even ask her to!  Monkey see monkey do right?!  
Top Forever 21 Girls: similar here
Skirt Forever 21 Girls: Pleated Stripe
Shoes Toms: Pink Camo

This little girl found this outfit and INSISTED that I buy it for her.  Cute and slightly hideous all at the same time, but she loves it and that is what matters most!

Off to school!

Those little feet just make me happy!!  They all got Toms for school shoes this year (actually everyone got a pair and they are soooo comfy!)

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

OOTD- Flourishing stripes!

I got this top a few months ago but never found the right occasion to wear it until last week when I went to dinner with some old friends from my Florida years.  The situation in which they were all here was sad but we managed to have a wonderful dinner and catch up!  Alright back to real life which includes a pack-a-thon (have I mentioned that I hate packing yet?)  Oh and on the bright side, my birthday is in 15 days (but who is counting?!)
Top Anthropologie: Flourishing Stripes
Cardi F21: Cropped Knit 
Jeans: Joe's Kicker
Sandals: similar here

There is no way around this shot it is what it is... an awkward boob shot, but I wanted you to see the darling detail close up!

*Did you notice my tan?  It's called swimming lessons with the kids but what is funny/sad, I totally have tanorexia;)!*

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

A sale to tell about!

I have been losing my mind taking my kids school shopping and trying to make the last week of Summer fun for them!  We are headed to the pool today and I even promised them that we would go see the movie The Smurfs (I really have lost my mind!)  My camera is with my hubby so no OOTD until I go get it from him but I did pick up an early birthday present for myself today...
isn't she purdy??

I also grabbed this little guy because for 20 bucks who could resist?!

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

OOTD- Running on!

Last night I ran 8.5 miles with a group of ladies (we are all training for a half marathon in September) and today my stinkin' knee is sore and swollen, I guess that's what I get for trying to exercise.  Off to swimming lessons (with one big knee and one small one) and then to get my house cleaned up, we have company coming this week!  Here is what I wore to church on Sunday...
Cardigan Anthropologie Blooming Lattice: similar here
Dress Anthropologie Perilla: similar here
Shoes Miz Mooz: Symphony Pumps

Kinda a *boob* shot but I wanted you to see the cute details on the dress!

And our house is coming along!  This picture really makes it look like a *garage house* (oh well bad angle) and it's further along than this I will put another one up later.

Monday, August 1, 2011

OOTD- Spot on!

I cannot promise my posts are going to increase as this month goes on, we are set to close on our house on September 6th so I have started the packing process and organizing.  The good thing is that this will be the last move we make (at least for 10 years).  My kids are starting swimming lessons today and for the next two weeks we will be at the pool everyday, they are VERY excited.  I am trying to be a good mom and doing a mommy and me class with my youngest.  Are you excited... tonight is the finale of The Bachelorette (go JP!)  Hopefully there will also be a good sale!  Here is what I wore to church yesterday...
Dress Anthropologie Chocolate chip: similar here
Cardigan Anthropologie Precious materials: similar here
Shoes Seychelles: Bergman Pump

Anthropologie you are back!!  
I have my eye on quite a few new arrivals here are a few!
Anthropologie at ShopStyle
Even with my aversion to coats right now I can't help but adore this bright yellow one!

Anthropologie at ShopStyle
These look romantic and comfy with that cute little heel!

Anthropologie at ShopStyle
My new favorite color combo!  This would look so cute with these teal shoes!!

Mini A Ture at ShopStyle
Darling what more can I say?!

Anthropologie at ShopStyle
I looked right over this top until I saw it on the model, now it's at the top of my wishlist! (pun totally intended!)