Monday, October 4, 2010

Military inspired looks!

Being the Patriot I am I love the idea of a little military flair in my wardrobe!  I found some really cute pieces that would be a great addition to any ones wardrobe!
I am in love with this jacket!

Anthropologie at ShopStyle
I love these military inspired cargo's!

Express at ShopStyle
This top is so cute!

Juicy Couture at ShopStyle
I am not really one for hats, but this would be perfect!

Eze Sur Mer at ShopStyle
Yes, please!

Dog tags that are fashionable!

And this cute *pink* military inspired watch!
(my pink for the day, in the name of breast cancer awareness!)


  1. Fun ideas for military wear! I have a few things I picked up at the end of last season that I am super excited to pull out this fall!

  2. I'm loving that top! The stripes of so cute. I am really liking this blog, you have just gained a follower!

  3. Such cute military looks, Tricia! I spotted a pair of olive green military inspired flats from Jeffrey Campbell and I am crossing my fingers for a sale -- soon!

  4. The cargoes are adorable. I feel like cargo pants are a good way to ease into this sometimes intimidating trend.

    I'd love if you'd check out my new blog sometime.

  5. Very nice military looking clothing. I especially like the jacket.

  6. Military style is big this year! I think it was kinda popular but not quite like it is now...
    Nick Jonas had on an actual military jacket! It was kind of neat looking ( I don't think it would be very good for girls to wear though) Personally the military INSPIRED is a better look for girls.
    "Encouraging young ladies to dress in modest, Godly, feminine fashion."

  7. Military is all over. I (my mom!) found a cute jacket at TJ MAxx for $30 that rivals a more expensive version at ATL, so the trend is definately affordable at all pricepoints. I like how you showed everything, including accessories!

  8. Cute finds! I gave into the trend last week,and got a couple of cute skirts.