Thursday, March 31, 2011

OOTD- Sailor and Soldierly!!

I am totally going casual this week and 'it is what it is' peeps.  I collect gold charms for a bracelet and found this cute little anchor (which I fell in love with) and decided to pass on it but my wonderful hubby decided to surprise me with it!  Yesterday Anthro enticed me and I ended up getting this little number because I have looked and looked on eBay for this J Crew skirt I missed out on (and vowed to not miss out again!)  So the question I have is;  do you think this top would look cute with it?  Has anyone tried this top on and knows if it runs TTS, because I am usually a large at F21 and am worried the medium might be a too tight.  Here is what I wore Tuesday...
Top Anthropologie Soldierly Sparkle: similar here
Anthropologie Pilcro cords: similar here
Necklace Gift from hubby: similar here
Shoes Tory Burch Silver: Reva

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

OOTD- Last heavy cardi (I hope!)

I have heard that Spring is actually going to arrive here soon (and I really hope it does) as much as I love my boots it's time to put those away and embrace Spring!  I looked at J Crew's final sale hoping to pick up some things for a great price but I have such an aversion to anything that has to do with Winter!!  Here is what I am wearing today (for the last time until next winter!)...
Cardigan F21: similar here
Tank F21: similar here
Jeans J Brand: Jeggings
Shoes Sam Edelman: Charlene
Necklace J Crew: similar here

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

OOTD- Basketball birthday!

I have been off the grid- last week I started coming down with something and then ended up in bed for 4 days straight trying to get over this nasty virus!  I went to the doctor yesterday and she said it looks like I am on the mend.  Yesterday we had a birthday party for my little guy and all we wanted was a 'basketball hoop cake?' so I spent half the day making what I thought was a basketball hoop cake.  I was kinda relieved there was no sale today but I am still dying to grab this little number!  Here is what I wore yesterday...
Anthropologie Maeshowe Shirtdress: similar here
Leggings Kohls: similar here
Boots Anthropologie Bowtied Beauties: similar here
Necklace from the crusie: similar here

My best attempt at a 'basketball hoop cake!'

Me and the birthday bum at his party!

*I have had so many ask I wanted to say- no I have not found my wedding ring yet, I got a fakey to wear in the mean time!*

Thursday, March 24, 2011

OOTD- No need to re-invent the wheel!

After seeing Kim and Jess I decided I wanted in on the outfit too.  So I put this little ensemble together, I love the blog-o-sphere for this very reason.  Off to run errands today (not the fun kind, what are the fun kind you ask?  Ones without kids in tow that involve a trip to the mall!)  Here is what I am wearing today...
Anthropologie Recital Cardigan: similar here
J Brand Jeans: Jeggings
Shoes Anthropologie Dusky Begonia: here in Gold
Necklace Tiffany: Bow Pendant
Earrings Tiffany: Bow

And these little guys are too cute to not picture!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

A little trip to visit the sun!

Wow I really chose a good time to come home with snow/freezing temps!  I wanted to share a few pictures from my recent trip to Mexico (sans kids!)  No OOTD today because we are getting granite counter tops today and life is a bit CRAZY!  My little guy also turns 4 today where did the time go?  Alright onto the pictures!
In Vegas we ate at Serendipity3 I LOVE that frozen hot cocoa!

Ready to board the ship!  

Sang some Karaoke!!!  

LOVED every towel animal we got (and have the pictures to prove it!)

Went snorkeling and my Sister took this shot just for the blog she told me- it's my Baywatch moment.  I got this swimsuit at Hapari FYI.

We went 4-Wheelin' on the beach!

Had to stop at Senior' Frogs for chips and salsa, and VIRGIN Pina Colada's!

Went out almost every night to see the beautiful stars!

Did 12 Zip lines- SO FUN!!!

Ate WAAAAAAY too much!!!  Went for wings almost every night after eating all three meals!

Dressed up for 'formal night' and enjoyed lobster!

Went for all you can eat sushi YUM-O! 

Did I mention we ate like champs?  That's what a cruise is all about! 

Missed my kids like crazy but had lots of time to read, relax, shop and enjoy some one on one time with my wonderful hubby!!!  I am already for another cruise!  

*Off topic but I wanted to report on this mascara- I give it a thumbs down it flakes all over my cheeks throughout the day.  Stick with this little guy because it's awesome and only like 6 bucks!!!!  Are you sick of me yet?  Because I am!  Have a wonderful day!!!

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

OOTD- Beaded Eglantine makes an appearance!

In Las Vegas I hit up Anthro and found this cute little cardi on second cuts YAY!!!  It satisfied my longing for this little guy (at least for now!)  So I paired it with my new love, these comfy pants can I tell you how glad I am that I grabbed them (on sale no less!)  It's so cold here so I will have to roll down these guys before heading out, but I love that they have options!  Here is what I am wearing today...
Cardigan Anthropologie Beaded Eglantine: similar here
Top Anthro: similar here
Pants Anthropologie: Lazy Days Trousers
Belt Anthropologie Snake Bite: similar here
Shoes All Black: Quilted Diamond Flats
Necklace Tiffany: Bow Pendant

How cute are the little details on this cardi?

Lastly I want to say that I finished reading the book Matched and I LOVED it!!!!  If you liked the The Hunger Games this is a MUST read!!!

Monday, March 21, 2011

OOTD- I'm baaaaaaaaack!

We had the best time on our vacation, so much fun!!!  I have a 'cruise baby' because I ate too much but that's what vacation is all about!!  I will do a post later this week with some pictures from our vacay!  We had so much fun and did some serious shopping!!!  I did pick up these as promised and hello I LOVE them!!!  Here is what I wore to church yesterday...
Dress Anthropologie Wightwick manor: similar here
Tights Anthro: similar here
Belt Anthro: similar here
Boots Anthro: similar here
Necklace Anthro: similar here

Did I mention as we drove home we hit a snow storm??  It's cold here and my laundry is outta control!  Welcome back!!!  At least we *hopefully* have a sale to look forward too!!

Thursday, March 17, 2011


Here is my latest wishlist, I have limited it to only 5 items so it's actually realistic!

Once you hit sale I will give you another try!
Anthropologie at ShopStyle

I know I am late to the table with this one, but if this looks good on me (and my love handles) I totally want it!
Anthropologie at ShopStyle

Perfect accent piece!
Anthropologie at ShopStyle

I love these nude heels!!!  I am worried they will be a little too tall and as crazy as it sounds one of my New Year's Resolutions was to buy more heels that are 3 1/2 inches or less (don't judge!)
Anthropologie at ShopStyle

And lastly some ankle length 'jeggings' are a must for Spring!
Paige at ShopStyle

What is your wishlist right now?