Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Sale spoils!

I was really planning on sitting this sale out!!! But then I saw a few things I 'really' wanted! With free shipping it makes it a lot easier to pull the trigger on these sale purchases (curse you Anthro)!
Clothing by Anthropologie at ShopStyle
I picked these up in grey.
Tops by Anthropologie at ShopStyle
Tees by Anthropologie at ShopStyle

My only other goal today is to watch The Hills and The City which are sitting on my DVR waiting for me... (rough life hu?)

PS- if you watch the Bachelorette Ali was totally wearing Joe's raw hem kicker capri's on her date with Frank.  I squealed because I have those too!


  1. Hey Tricia - cute pics! Is the free shipping automatic with the anthro card? I don't see where to put my number in during checkout? Thanks.

  2. I totally noticed Ali was wearing those too!

  3. The Deeply Rooted Tee is tempting me too - it's such an easy tee to throw on and still feel cute in! I noticed it in the store over the weekend and it really was adorable...MUST.STAY.STRONG.

    ...said as I run to see if my size is still available online...

  4. I have a hard time sitting out any sale. I'll go in and buy bobby pins if I have to!

  5. Oh, and I'm so happy to know you are a City and Hills fan :) I don't get how all of a sudden Kristin and Audrina are all buddy buddy now?!?

  6. Right!? It's a horrible addiction! I do love to hate Olivia and totally want to buy something from Whitney Eve just to say I own it!

  7. Tricia - I ordered the Cherry Juice Heels!! Can't wait to get them!!! Now I'm thinkin I need that beet tee!!