Monday, June 21, 2010

OOTD- Globally great!

Inspired by Kim I picked up this skirt!!  I love it and how flowy and cute it is!  I am running some errands and then I plan on coming home and changing into some jeans so we can go to TOY STORY 3!!!  I always freeze in the theatre and want to be comfortable with my HUGE bag of movie popcorn and my Dr. Pepper!  I LOVE going to the movies, and it's in 3D for shizzle!  I am eating a fresh peach (I love summer and it's fresh fruit!) do you think that outweighs the popcorn I will eat tonight?  Here is my OOTD....
Cardigan J-Crew: Jackie
Tank J-Crew: Tissue garland tank
Skirt Anthro: Circle the Globe
Shoes (I love them) B Malowsky: Gaby gladiator
Necklace Anthro: similar here and here

Caution cone toes again!!!

Is anyone else having issues with J-Crew's website?  I seriously am trying to place an order and apparently they have banned me!


  1. I really like your sandals. I still can't find a pair of everyday ones that I love.

  2. Cool shoes! Have a great time at Toy Story - I think we may go tonight. I hear it's great!

  3. Yay for the skirt! It looks darling on you, and now I want to pair it with my mint Jackie Cardi - great thinking!
    You and your sister totally have me stalking that Anthro necklace again *sigh*

  4. I love that skirt on you! I have contemplated getting it but I already have the navy and orange are making me reconsider!

  5. I love the mint and blue together, what a great combo!

  6. That skirt looks fantastic on you. It's making me rethink buying it. I love the sandals! Have fun at Toy Story tonight. I want to take my little boy soon.

  7. Loving the teal and minty tones together - you look so pretty! I've heard such great things on Toy Story 3 - my boys can't wait to go see it - HAVE FUN!!!

  8. I love my blue circle the globe, and now I need to pull out my minty clothes to pair with it! looks great!

  9. Those shoes are so pretty!
    I love movies too! I look forward to seeing Toy Story 3 with my kids too.
    I actually love going to the movies in general. I love the big screen and the smell of the popcorn and everything. :)

  10. fun shoes!!! I love them!

    And that skirt seems like a perfect piece. everyone looks great in it. Score another point for Anthro!

  11. Whoa! Jan Russell told me about your OOTD, and I just have to share mine from yesterday:

    Funny, huh?

    You look GREAT! Love those shoes!