Thursday, June 24, 2010

OOTD- Airplane love!

Ironic title since I pretty much hate flying!!!  Don't worry I still fully intend on getting on a plane this fall (thanks xanax!)  I do on the other hand love this little top with it's airplanes on it!  This is one of my classic 'mom clothes' outfits that I LOVE!
Top Anthro: summer version here (I plan on getting when it hits sale!)
Shorts Citizens of Humanity: Bermuda's
Shoes Jeffery Campbell: similar here and cheap here
Belt Anthro: Snakebite
Necklace Tiffany: Bow pendant


  1. You look so adorable in your airplanes!

  2. Super cute! What nail polish are you wearing on your hands? I love dark polishes:)

  3. I really regret not getting a Country Manor top myself - so super cute!

  4. Cute, I love that top and you were the one who inspired me to get it too!

  5. Ugh, you make me regret missing out on that top when it hit sale months ago (and I JUST read what Jan wrote - we all think the same!).

    I think I've written this before, but I HEART your shoe collection - you've got the cutest footwear!

  6. Love, love love! Wish I had gotten that one! You look great!

  7. So cute belted! The red shoes add a zing to the entire cute look.

    I don't mind flying over land, it's over water that makes me sick. When I went to London I thought I would need a Xanex AND a drink. Turns out, I just stayed up late the night before packing, so I slept most of the way!

  8. That tee look so cute on you!

  9. Lol, we feel more or less the same about flying, I hate it also, although I have flown quite a lot, but if I can help it, no more.
    I however love airplanes, as long as I can admire them from down here.

    Love your outfit, I think the belt actually adds a load of elegance to it. Very chic and stylish.
    I also love your blog, your pics are great and your style is fabulous.
    Hope your weekend will be filled with fun and laughter.