Friday, June 18, 2010

OOTD- Yellow and blue

I am finally ready for the day!!!  I am off to pick up a few things for Father's day... I have get to make a fancy dinner for my wonderful hubby on Sunday!  My kids are so EXCITED about getting presents for daddy!  Here is my OOTD...
Top American Eagle: Camp shirt 
Tank Anthro: Buds and Bunches
Capri's Joe's: Raw hem kicker
Shoes Report: Kimball flat (now half off!)
Necklace Anthro Gilden Impatiens Necklace
(still in stores): similar here and here

Sandals by Anthropologie at ShopStyle

And thanks to a tip from Sara who is AWESOME!!  My sister and I ordered these, and mine just showed up today! I am sooooo excited to wear them!  Don't forget to checkout Sara's blog who also has an awesome giveaway!
PS- the tip was that they are on sale at Nordy's here, but if you want the grey (which are the ones Rosa has, and back ordered at Anthro) you can pick them up on sale at here!
One tip~ they run HUGE!!!  I usually wear a 7-7 1/2 and I got the 6 1/2 which fit perfectly!


  1. loooooooove the shoes!


  2. We are necklace twins today! I can't believe you already got your shoes, no fair! Cute outfit!

  3. great buy on those sandals!! I think I'm going to wear the LOL sixty print dress and my new yellow cardi to my party tomorrow- you looked so great in it when you went to the recital! I'm afraid to wear my Cherry Juice Heels though b/c I will be in and out of the yard!!

  4. Hi Tricia. Just so you know, I'm actually the Sara who tipped you off about the shoes. The other Sara who has a giveaway on her blog (You, Me & Anthropologie) is a different person. Sorry about the confusion. Anyway, I'm glad to hear you got the shoes too. I really love mine and was so thrilled to find them on sale. What color did you get?

  5. Very cute outfit today! I'll have to check for the necklace in my Anthro tomorrow. Those shoes are amazing. I'm excited to see them on you.

  6. Sara- I am so sorry!!! I looked at your profile and saw that your follow the other Sara's blog and in my peanut brain I thought you were her!!!! Sorry, sorry, sorry!!! I hate when I am stupid!!! Thanks for the tip off you are the best!!!

  7. So very cute! We are going to my IL's after church on Sunday, so I am off the hook with cooking - whoohoo!

  8. Your shoe collection and I must meet. :o)