Friday, June 4, 2010

OOTD-Lounging around!

I have plans to watch my kids play in the backyard all day!  They already have swimming suits on (and have since 9 this morning) ahhh summer!  My daughter has a violin recital tonight which I am a little nervous about!  She's always been such a ham and LOVES adoration and attention, so hopefully things will be fine!  I will get myself gussied up for that tonight and post pictures tommorrow!
Shorts Joe's: Cuffed Bermuda's
Shoes Anthro: Cherry Juice heels (now on sale!!!)
Necklace J-Crew: similar here and here

BTW: my photographer is usually my 6 year old daughter, and sometimes she wants her picture taken too!!


  1. Hahaha!! Have you talked to Heather? We were totally wondering who took your photos! She's an awesome photographer!! Have fun in the backyard today!

  2. Sorry I've been out of the blog loop for a while. So sweet that your daughter does that for you, but sweeter yet that she wants her photo taken. lol. Your SD trip sounds hilarious.

  3. Cute! D is a great photographer and so cute! I can't wait for your night out outfit and good luck to D tonight!

  4. Those shoes are adorable! You have the best shoes, lady!

    Good luck with the recital.

    And I noticed your Eclipse ticker ... I can't wait for the movie too.

  5. Good thing the Cherry Juice Heels are sold out in my size, or I'd probably cave - they are always so cute with your outfits! Your daughter is a doll - I'm sure she'll be awesome at her recital - have fun!

  6. Wow girl, you have style! Love the shoes, they really make the outfit. I should be half so fashionable in my backyard while the kids swim! Thanks for your comment on my purses. They do take forever to make. I need to find a way to cut down on the time :)