Tuesday, June 8, 2010

A Lobster for a Lobster!

Remember these guys?
Day Dresses by Anthropologie at ShopStyle
Cardigans by Anthropologie at ShopStyle

Yesterday I took my kids to a waterpark, I went with my sister and between the two of us we had 7 kids.  She has a 3 month old and spent half the day in the shade with her baby. I took six kids from ride to wave pool all on my own wearing SPF 50 all day! Much to my shagrin I got FRIED!!! So today I present the Salty Sea's dress (aka Lobster dress) looking like a lobster myself!!!
Dress Anthro: Salty Sea's
I am TOTALLY keeping the dress, I love the quirky little lobsters!
Cardigan Anthro: Shimmering pin up
I plan on taking the cardigan back, it's way too heavy for summer!!  It also snags on EVERYTHING!!!  It already caught on my hangnail and snagged!
Necklace Anthro: Gilden Impatiens Necklace

All I can say is bring on the ALOE!!!!


  1. OMG! Your burn looks totally painful. I hope you're feeling better soon! On a lighter note, you look amazing in your Lobster dress. Very pretty! :)

  2. ouch! But I love the lobster dress!! So cute!

  3. Yikes!! Hope your burn feels better. Bet you were tired at the end of the day after keeping an eye on all of those kids.The dress is cute, but not something I'd wear,I'm not a fan of lobsters to wear,unless it's on a bib at a seafood restaurant! lol

  4. Oh man sunburn is the worst but you demonstrate graceful humor in your adorable outfit choice! You look so cute! I hope it somehow sooths the pain of the burn.

  5. MRS!! Ouch!

    cute dress. I'm sad to hear that cardi is a snag-a-kins, because I love it!!!! I'll keep holding out for the stretching days to go on sale.

  6. Hi Trish! Great blog! Thanks for stopping by my blog. I'm your newest follower :)

  7. Love the lobster dress, and thanks for checking out my blog! Hope the aloe works!

  8. I feel for ya! Cute dress and I hear black tea is supposed to help with a sunburn. Not to drink it but to soak a bunch of bags in water and put it on your burn.

  9. I love that dress. They only had small sizes left at my local Anthro which was sad (might have to order off the website!).

    Thank you for visiting, commenting, and following my blog! I'm so honored and will be following you as well!

  10. Oh how painful! I hope the aloe is helping! The Salty Seas is totally adorable on you!

  11. Hey Trish,

    Thanks for checking out my blog!! It is always so thrilling to get a new follower!!! Thanks for the compliment on the pictures - my husband takes them for me - but I do find the backgrounds - part of the fun of having a blog!!!



  12. I got that cardigan in the gold a few months ago and I had to return it too. I snagged it just trying it on over a shirt with beads on it. :( Such a shame because I still need a good goldish colored cardigan.

    Your lobsters are fun. Sad that you match them now...

  13. I could never pull that off....Lobster dress... but you did and did well.
    another reason I visit this blog of yours, just to be reminded how many days until "eclipse"! thanks for the countdown! :D

  14. Ahhhh I'm so jealous. I LOVE the Salty Seas dress and totally thought about getting it on sale but I waited too long :-(

    Adorable blog. You look great in the dress!!

  15. The dress looks way better on you than on that mannequin.

  16. That is a bad burn - have to say, though, that dress looks GREAT on you. So cute :)