Saturday, May 29, 2010

I just have to try it to know!

I know my sister is going to lecture me about this, but I had to order this dress to 'know' if I really wanted it. I mean with Anthro doing free shipping again, the thought is bound to cross any girls mind "who doesn’t want a dress with lobsters all over it?" I just hope it's cute and flattering on. If not back to the store for someone else to grab on sale and wear (that's the other problem, where in the heck am I going to wear that thing?) Oh well, that's why they call it impulse buying! I’ll let you know when it arrives!

Day Dresses by Anthropologie at ShopStyle

Cardigans by Anthropologie at ShopStyle

I am off to go get a massage!  I totally deserve it after being a single parent most of the week- 'that's what she said!'


  1. I can't wait to hear about the dress! it's such a cute pattern!

  2. I finally broke down and had to do this with the Wright Dress, I mean a dress with planes isn't all that versatile either...but I was drawn to it, none the less. For me, the fit was off, so back it went - but I'm SO glad I tried it and knew for sure so it didn't turn into "the one that got away" Can't wait to hear what you think when your lobster dress arrives! Free Shipping is going to be dangerous this Summer!

  3. That black cardi is one that I have been wanting. Really thinking about taking Anthro up on the free shipping. Hmmm, what do you think? Should I?

  4. What the Mrs!!! I should have known! But I guess than you'll know for sure if you love it or hate it. And with free shipping, no loss.