Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Sale stuff!

Alright back from the 'big' sale and slightly disappointed!!! I did pick up a few things because my sister had her birthday coupon, but that sale was WEAK SAUCE!!! We had a wonderful time shopping eating lunch at Thaifoon Asia, and then having sisterly bonding time until 3am!! It was good to talk and unload on someone who loves you unconditionally! I did have a HUGE idiot moment yesterday when I ran out of gas on the FREEWAY!!! Yeah, in all the excitement of the sale I forgot to gas up.... and thanks to my wonderful older brother we were taken care of!  I have the best family a girl could ask for!  Here's what I got...

Day Dresses by Anthropologie at ShopStyle

Candles by Wanderlust at ShopStyle

Cardigans by Anthropologie at ShopStyle

Flats by Anthropologie at ShopStyle

Button Front Tops by Anthropologie at ShopStyle

There are a few other things you will see popping up here and there!


  1. oh no about the gas - what a great bro to help out! OK - I love everything you got and they are all things I have on my wish list!! Can't wait to see you sport them! My husband told me yesterday to just stop buying things b/c they are on sale and just buy what I really love - hey, I like that advice!

  2. very cute as always. love to see the stuff you buy. i am shopping vicariously through you.

  3. Hi! I just popped over from Anthropologie Girls blog and I love your cute style - I am also a mom of 3, so I'm always excited to see other outfits that work for those of us chasing little ones all day! Enjoy your cute new purchases!

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  5. Great purchases!

    I once ran out of gas. I was mad at my car bc the dang gas light never went on!!! Sure, I could see the needle was on E, but I expected the light to give me fair warning!!! It was a new car, too!! I totally blamed VW for that one!! ;-)

  6. That's a nice shirt!

    We never run out of fuel cos we have put electrical tape on the halfway mark so that you can't see less than halfway and then when it gets down to halfway we fill it up - this way we always have at least half a tank :)