Monday, May 24, 2010

OOTD- bright and sparkly!

I broke down and picked up this shirt with a coupon code! I luv it! It's the only thing making me happy today since today the high is 50!!!  I kinda think I look like a disco ball (not in the round sense but in the sparkly sense!), and now I wish I had worn a bright shoe to make this outfit pop!  I think I will go change my shoes!  Ciao.
Shoes Tory Burch: silver Reva
Necklace black pearl (I picked up on a vacay a few years ago):
similar here and here
Nail polish Essie: Adore a ball


  1. The sweatshirt is adorable on you, it's relaxed and figure flattering at the same time! We've got some crummy weather in PA today too, boo!

  2. That one looks more like me than you. But I think the shoe goes great.

  3. I'm seeing all you guys with these awesome top and am finding it hard to resist pulling the trigger! The only thing holding me back is our hot and humid weather around here in WI lately.

  4. I’m not sure on the lens. Some say you should stick with the brand that your camera is. And I’m feeling slightly jealous btw. I have the old EOS 20D. Need to upgrade, but not in the budget just yet. I love my tamron lens right now. My big deal is I hate having to change lenses constantly, so I have one that is 28-300mm. Great for soccer and some close ups in the twist of my hand. I love that. I would like to upgrade to an anti-shake, but they are pricey. It’s coming. Don’t know if that helps. Good luck.

  5. Girl! You can pull off anything! I love it!

  6. accck - get out of town! You posted this while I was out of town - girl, it looks so good! I'm jealous!!