Friday, May 7, 2010

Baby Beluga...

In the deep blue sea...  Every year around this time I get the itch to go swimming suit shopping!  There are few things that are more painful such as; giving birth, breaking a bone, running a marathon you get the idea!  Last year I found a few websites that had MODEST and cute swimming suits.  I picked up two from Hapari that I love!  Fortunately I have finished losing the baby weight from #3 and they are a little BIG!  So I am on the hunt again!  Here are a few websites I have been perusing for the perfect suit!  Hapari, Shade swimwear, Lime Ricki, DownEast Basics and modbe.  I will be honest I have tried on suits from all the companies listed above and like Hapari the best, but I have friends that have worn them from all those brands and LOVE them!  So I think it really depends on your body type!

This is me in one Hapari suit (I know brave because I was 10 pounds heavier in that shot!)  I also have the giraffe sport tankini which is my favorite!

One-Piece Swimwear by Tommy Hilfiger at ShopStyle

Swimwear by Anthropologie at ShopStyle

Swimwear by J.Crew at ShopStyle

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