Saturday, April 10, 2010

A story of a girl and a return....

I would say it still haunts me now but I would be lying!! I headed to Nordy's to ONLY RETURN something. As I was walking up to the shoe counter for my return, my eyes fell upon these little beauties! Then I saw the sign $49.95 now this may sound bad, but I thought that was a STEAL!!! I immediately tried them on. The sales clerk told me they were the ONLY ones left in my size. Sigh, "alright I'll take them!" I felt bad the whole way home. I really didn't need them. I got home and tried them on again. COMFORTABLE, CUTE and CHEAP slam dunk in my book! I wore them to SLC last night and got two compliments. So now it's official no more buyers remorse, and I know I love these shoes!! If you want them act fast!
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