Saturday, April 10, 2010

Fitting room dilemmas!

I went to Anthro yesterday and tried on two things I was debating about. Here is a picture of both outfits. Guess which one I got...
This picture has me in the Sea's epitome top which I have adored since I first saw it online. The Joe's raw hem capri's which I will wear all spring and summer, and had to be purchased because they were a size 28 HOLLA! The belt if of course my snakebite belt!
This dress is the Two wheeler shirtdress I must say without the belt FRUMPSTER!!! But with it, I adore the little vintage bicycle print I feel like it's calling my name! (Snakebite belt again! I can't get enough of that guy!)

So which one did I get? Drum roll please....

I got the first one, I loved the dress but decided to pass for now. I am planning on hunting that guy down when it hits the sale rack!

*notice my shoes a post on those to come!

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