Wednesday, April 14, 2010

I am 16 going on 17...

Last night I went to a GNO-spa style. We got Mani-pedi's, massages, ate yuppie spa food and girl talk. Afterwards I looked around at everyone else's nails and noticed I was the only one with black finger nails... Now, I should point out I USUALLY wear black nail polish (ok sometimes dark purple.) Don't hate- cause I still think I'm 16 with a goth flair!  What do you think 'It's a Do, you are only young once!' or 'Let us Never Speak of this Again'?

Nail Polish by O.p.i at ShopStyle



  1. I've never done black, but I love the dark dark purple...which basically looks black.

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  3. I say it's a do, but usually I go for brown and deep purple. I think it's great you keep up with what makes you happy, even if it's just nailpolish color!!