Monday, April 12, 2010

Clothes for the kiddo's

I love clothes in all sizes... and I love shopping for my kids!  With spring almost around the corner I have been out getting a few things for them.  I wanted to share with you a few new clothing brands I have fallen in LOVE with!!!  Gymboree, Janie and Jack (on sale only), and Pumpkin Patch used to be the main 3 places I got clothes for my kids, but lately I have been expanding my horizon's!  Best 3 places for play clothes (meaning clothes your not heart broken about, when they trash them out) #1 Kohl's #2 Target #3 Children's place (if there is a good sale) my favorite 3 places to get clothes for occasions #1 Tea (my S-I-L got me hooked on this brand a while ago!  Can be found at Nordy's as well as here) #2 Mini Boden (until I saw these at Nordy's in person I had NO IDEA how cute they were) #3 Crazy 8 (Gymboree's cheaper buy just as cute sister company)  Happy shopping for spring!!!
Infant Girls' Tops & Tees by Tea Collection at ShopStyle

Tea for girls and little boys!
Infant Boys' Tops & Tees by Tea Collection at ShopStyle

Toddler Girls' Skirts & Skorts at Nordstrom at ShopStyle

A few Mini Boden items I love!
Kids' Clothes at Nordstrom at ShopStyle

Baby Boys' Clothes by Crazy 8 at ShopStyle

Crazy 8 I am now crazy about!
Infant Boys' Tops & Tees by Crazy 8 at ShopStyle


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  1. Kelly got me hooked on Tea too! And I really like Mini Boden. I'll have to check out Crazy 8.