Saturday, April 24, 2010

The Hills

My DVR is set to record 53 episodes of 'The Hills' in honor of the season premier April 27, 2010! I seriously LOVE this stupid show!!! It's totally addictive yet, I am pretty sure I lose a brain cell or two each episode! I can't wait to see how 'plastic' Heidi has become and to hate Spencer for yet another season!! I am so excited/sad to watch the last season (boo!) At least we still have 'The City' which is equally as entertaining (you're such a beast Olivia) but with WAY BETTER CLOTHES!!!
Tees by David Lerner at ShopStyle
Longsleeve Tops by Chaser LA at ShopStyle
Tees by Alice + Olivia at ShopStyle
Tees by Prvcy at ShopStyle



  1. I'm laughing right now because I am watching reruns of the Hills right now! What is wrong with me? I can't stop watching...

  2. ah, i love that show and love to hate speidi! Can't wait for the season premiere too!