Thursday, April 21, 2011

OOTD- Mom clothes!

I am contemplating a trip to Nordy's today to beg them to track down these in seafoam and a size 6 1/2, to return my JS nude shoes because I ordered them in 2 sizes.  I am still trying to decide (as she gets her keys and kids loaded up!)  Last night my daughter said "Mom I hate McDonalds every time I order a hamburger they NEVER put ANY ham on it..." which begs the question: why are they called hamburgers?  (Yes I take my kids to eat fast food and yes they get McDonalds judge away folks, cause that's how I roll.)  Seriously if you know can you tell me?  Here is what I am wearing today...
Top F21: Slub Knit Top
Anthropologie Pilcro cords: similar here
Belt Anthropologie Snake Bite: similar here
Boots Anthropologie: similar here

 *I have been really impressed with F21's offerings lately!  I just ordered this dress after eyeing it for awhile!  I figured for that price it was worth a try!*


  1. Love those Seafoams! Good luck finding a pair! :)
    Hope that F21 dress works - it's adorbs!

  2. My sister-in-law got her Easter dress there (F21)for $15.50 regular price! Can't beat that! Oh, I'm so a McDonald lovin' girl myself so no judging go on here! :)
    Love the red top...great color on you!

  3. Have you seen the BP "Berty" sandals?? I picked them up in a Seafoam color...they are similar to the Pot of Gold sandals if you can't locate them. Jan and I both got them and we both agreeed we like them alot! I too have a full shopping cart at F21 right now...I might give that dress a try...I just worry it'll be too short on me. We'll see. Your red top is really cute...looks like an Anthro piece! And girl, Mc D's is my kid's fave...that's how we roll too! =)

  4. We've eaten at ChikFilA once a week for dinner for the last month. That's how I roll too, baby. I have no idea about the hamburgers, but pretty deep thoughts there, by your daughter. I've been eying that dress too since I saw it on Sarah from That Damn Green Dress. Looks gorgeous. Good luck at NOrdy's!

  5. Jenni is right, I do have the Berty's and I love them...but since one pair of seafoam shoes is never enough...I also own and love the Pot of Gold - so pretty! I hope you found a pair!

    No judgement here - we eat McD's once a week, it's actually a family routine ;)

  6. hahaha- your daughter! So funny!

  7. Chicken Mc Nuggets are my best friend when I have my nephew. And honestly, how can I turn down a fish filet and ff for myself!?! No judging here.

  8. Hamburgers originated from Hamburg, Germany. At least that's the story ...