Wednesday, April 6, 2011

OOTD- Which way is up?

Have you ever had one of those mornings when you get up you put your shoes on and then look down and realize they don't match?  Nope, well I did!  I was am really sleepy this morning and clearly the old brain is not working properly!  Oh well no one sees me when I am driving my daughter to school anyways!  Here is to hoping I don't forget to feed my kids today or something!  I am totally 'momed out' today and sorry folks, but let's be honest at least I have on clothes!  Here is what I am wearing today...
In the moment at least I thought clearly enough to grab my camera and snap a picture (I am one dedicated blogger!)  *Also don't judge my nubby little toe nails, I have been running a lot more lately and cannot STAND to have long toe nails!*  

Top H&M: similar here
Cardigan Anthropologie Beaded Eglantine: similar here
Jeans True Religion: Skinny Lonestar
Shoes Sam Edleman: Charlene

For the record:  Even though I look mildly pregnant I am not (I am still working off my cruise baby!!!)  Also, I am over this CRAZY weather Sprin-ter go away!!!


  1. This is so funny! My husband actually did this one time-but he actually went to work in 2 different black dress shoes! I had to bring him a match because he was so emberassed! And for the record, I hate long toe nails too! haha
    xo Rachel

  2. LOL, you are cracking me up! Love that H&M top, too bad I missed out on shoppfest 2011!

  3. You are too cute, and hilarious! Man, I wish I had bought that cardigan when I had it in my paws a couple of months ago - so pretty! Hope you get a full 8 hours tonight ;)

  4. Laughing. That is too funny. And more so that you snapped it! Thanks for the giggle.

  5. Well, at least you did get dressed, so that's good. :) And you don't look pregnant -- wherever did you get that from?

  6. I HAVE DONE THIS AND WENT OUT FOR THE DAY. My girlfriend said, I like your shoes and as I looked down to see which ones I had on...Shock ensued and I said which style? OMgoodness...we had a great laugh. Dawn Suitcase Vignettes xoxo too funny.

  7. I've so been there. I feel like it today, in fact. And for the record, you look anti-pregnant. Not preggers. Hush, girl. You're gorgeous. Long toe nails in running shoes are some kind of torture device. I'm a fan of the nubby too.

  8. are too funny. I have totally left the house in two different shoes before! Love these earthy colors on you...that cardigan is so cute! And by the way, you do not look pregnant silly girl! You look great!