Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Etsy LOVE!!!

I will openly admit it... I LOVE Etsy!!!  I am addicted to that site, and spend countless hours on it looking around.  I wanted to share a few of my favorite items that I have recently purchased!!!

First up:  New pillow's for my couch (I ordered both in the picture)
I am so in love with this pillow!!!  It's on it's way, but I cannot get enough of the Chiang Mai Dragon fabric!!!  Find it here

Next up Easter decorations I had to get these little guys:
I had to order a few of these guys for my "Easter parade" they are so sweet and whimsical, and they are such a great price!!!  Get them here.

I LOVE this artist and purchased my first prints from her in 2009:
I have this little print hanging in my daughter's room and just adore it!!!  Buy it here.

I ordered a new cell phone cover because I just got a new iPhone:
I actually ordered it with the stripe in grey and my name in a Tiffany blue.  The shop I ordered it from is closed for now :( but here is the link if you wanna favorite it for when it opens up again.  I also found another shop that makes them too.

And Lastly I ordered a necklace:
You may have seen this little pretty number before... I have been eyeing it for QUITE a while and finally pulled the trigger!  It will match my new skirt I am telling you the picture does not do it justice!!!  You can buy it here and find Rachel's cute blog here.

So that's it folks, here is a run down of my latest Etsy purchases!!!

*I was not paid or given anything free for any of these product promotions, I just love them all that much!!!


  1. You are so sweet and I love your disclaimer at the end! Too funny :) I am glad you love the necklace so much and I can't wait to see how you style it!
    xo Rachel

  2. Oh, I love ETSY! I was just on last night searching through jewelry! You're gonna laugh because I totally have that necklace in my "favorites"! It will look so cute with your new skirt!!!

  3. Oh my goodness - I love those pillows! That fabric is fabulous. If I ever get my new couch paid for (ha) I'm going to have to invest in some pillows with color and pattern to brighten up my living room!!! I'll have to remember to check out etsy.

  4. LOVE the pillow and the necklace.....of COURSE I do!! I gave away one on my blog....Im sure its even MORE gorgeous in Silver Lining!

  5. i L O V E etsy.
    i have a huge love for it..esp. when it comes to vintage clothing.

  6. Oh, that necklace is so pretty. I will definitely be browsing Rachel's shop frequently. I just clicked through, and so many of her items are just my style. thanks for this link -- I never would have known about her jewelry otherwise!

    And I'm so glad you were able to get that Modcloth yellow jacket. I just noticed that it's now sold out, so I'm glad you were able to get one while it was still available! The white piping on it is really darling.

  7. Love all of it! Those pillows are gorgeous. And the print for your daughter is just darling. Etsy is the best!

  8. Very pretty! Love the Easter decorations!

  9. Oh I love, love Etsy too! Beautiful finds! I'm looking for pillows for the couches in our barement but there are SO MANY to sift through....