Friday, November 12, 2010


Truth be told I actually wore this outfit last weekend during a 'like totally AWESOME' 80's party!!!  You will read below why I am sooooo not feeling an actual OOTD.  But with hair like that I had to share my totally tubular outfit...
Dress F21: Retro
Leggings F21: Lace
Gloves F21: Fingerless
HAIR: done with this and TONS of THIS!!!

Hubs and I!

Close-up of that AWESOME hair!!!

OK- now onto the chronicles of my CRAZY life!  Well yesterday my son (the same one that peed on me) decided to smash our flat screen with a chair!  He says it was an accident but, really does it make a difference??  The worst part about all of this is (drum roll) this is the SECOND TV he has destroyed!!!  First the one in my bedroom and yesterday the BIG one downstairs!!  My hubby just said "it does not matter, we are not getting a new one!"  He was SO mad!  Then he jokingly told me if I would return some of my clothes (that I have not worn yet) we could buy a new one with that!  I am seriously considering 'taking one for the team' and taking back this, this, this, and this!  With all those returns we are *almost* halfway there (unless hubs wants something bigger than 48"!!)


  1. Tricia, OMG!! Your son sounds like quite a handful, LOL. As for taking the clothing back, well, I could seriously not live without a t.v., so it may be in your best interest to take one for the team. Can't believe it's t.v. #2, though. Yikes!

  2. OH NO! Your poor son must feel just awful! I'd probably take one for the team too to replace it (and then have it mounted on the wall like five feet higher than your son can reach!), but boo that whole situation just stinks!

    I love the 80s outfit though. Is that your real hair? Too funny!

  3. Oh girl, your little guy sounds like all three of my boys! They'd get along great! =) My second little guy opened up the dishwasher one Saturday morning a few years ago and found a steak knife. This in and of itself is rather frightening (keep in mind I was upstairs in the bathroom--why is it always when I need a few seconds of privacy??) but he then walked into the family room and decided to use the knife as a sword against our almost brand new big flat screen. There are now lots of little slash marks across the screen...hubs was WAY less than thriled about that one. The slashes are superficial enough to where they didn't go deep enough to destroy the screen too bad and you can't even see them when the TV is on, but it's just the point you know? I say make the returns and re-buy most of it when it hits sale...I would die without a TV...mainly because my kids would be out a TV which means I couldn't turn it on to entertain them for a little bit each day! Momma has to have a minute of free time! =) And moving onto your 80's outfit...the HAIR! WOw, you've got mad skills to be able to create that look! Bravo! =)

  4. Oh my goodness, Tricia. My husband would have died of a heart attack, right then and there. Little S isn't big enough for that kind of destruction, yet, but holy my goodness... when she is, I think I'll have to put everything in bubble wrap! Accident or not, the TV (and our kids) have to be protected. Okay... heading to the warehouse store for foam and bubble wrap to cover my house.

    Juuuuuust kidding.
    I hate for your to return the Peppered Skirt. Sometimes being the girl is no fair!

  5. Lovin' your 80's look! Your husband looks a little nervous to even stand beside that BIG HAIR! =) HA HA HA

    I'm so sorry about your TV! That's so unfortnate. My husband would NOT BEEN HAPPY either... I can't even imagine. My niece did throw his blackberry in the swimming pool last summer and he somehow managed to take that in stride... we'll see how he handles the little ones once they are our own and destroying our house!!

  6. Trica, love your look. How long did it take you to do that with your hair?? TV.....or clothes....hmmmmm!!!Have a great weekend!!

  7. OMG that is the best 80s outfit ever!!!
    So sorry to hear about the TV... that really stinks!

  8. great outfit..
    the TV??? yikes! ever hear of a LOGICAL CONSEQUENCE? in the real world things don't get magically replaced like that. Even if it was NOT intentional... this is the SECOND time a tv was broken?? hmmm is he learning a lesson here? I would not replace it. NO TV will teach a better lesson then going out and fixing it. You can always do that later.. but consequences are really important. I would hope mom & dad can deal with no tv for a while as it is an important lesson for the kids. You don't want your kids growing up feeling & acting entitled.

  9. Tricia, I love your hair! You need to get into a hair band, pronto.

    As for the TV situation, if you got another flat screen, what could be done to prevent him from breaking it again? Kids do these things and they don't realize that it's a lot of money, so it's hard to get upset at them. Maybe you could compromise and return only half of those things and keep a couple of them.

    I'd take one for the team, too, if anything other than to show the children a good example. Maybe your little one will feel so bad, he won't dare break another tv!

    Oh, and my nephew, who is 17 months, peed on my sister's gown at our cousin's wedding. A floor length, silk Nicole Miller number. She was horrified. Then he ripped the bodice, right where the chest it. I had to give her my Elodie Lily Cardigan and felt so bad for her, I told her to keep the sweater. Little boys are a handful! He's lucky he's so cute.

  10. Love the hair! I used to wear my hair like that, my hair can get BIG!

    I say go on Craig's list and find an older TV. It might be harder for him to break one of the older TVs!

  11. Shit thats freakin crazy! Are all kids like that?

  12. Maggy- no they are not all that crazy, just mine!!!

  13. I love your 80s hair! Wish I could've gone to that party, it looked like so much fun.

    And naughty little P. Buy brother's tv but I'd wait a few weeks to actually get it to teach him a lesson and teach him about consequences. And hopefully it won't happen a 3rd time!

  14. Ooooh boy - so sorry about the television! I hope you are able to replace it as inexpensively as possible. I vote you get to keep all your cute purchases, you've had a tough week!

    Your 80's outfit/hair are so awesome, if there were prizes at the party I hope you won!

  15. Wow, this 80's outfit is too much! Meaning, I love it, just the right amount of overdone. Way to go with your creative skills.
    As for the tv situation, I'm just impressed that you didn't lose your cool, especially since it was the second time. Wow, I can't even give advice about's so beyond me with no kids!!

  16. Love the big hair!

    And whatever you do, don't return the Peppered and Striped Skirt!

  17. haha - that hair! you are too much - Love it! I'm sorry about the TV incident. Look for good sales on Black Friday!

  18. Holy hair woman! I love it! Great 80's outfit. I bet that was a fun party. I'm sorry to hear about your T.V. My oldest scratched ours up pretty bad once. I've heard that mounting them on the wall is nice because then they can't reach them. I haven't tried this yet, but I've definitely been thinking about it. My kids are constantly messing with out television and it drives me nuts. I'm amazed that more damage hasn't been done.

  19. Oh no, I'm so sorry about your TV mishap. How awful! I hope you're able to get a good deal on a new one. What a rough week you've had -- I hope you're able to relax and enjoy yourself a bit this weekend.

    And your hair looks AMAZING! Love it!

  20. OMG! you're hair looks like mine from my senior picture (well, maybe I can say for the first time that my hair wasn't THAT big!) and I graduated in the 90's!

    I feel bad about your TV. Oh man! The only good thing is that right now sales on TVs are pretty good so you probably don't need to take back *that* much ;)

  21. OK, you totally got me there! At first I thought I got on to the wrong blog! Love your sense of humour!

    Sorry to read about your TV, but I cannot agree with hubby's suggestion. ;)