Tuesday, November 2, 2010

OOTD- Too much candy!

Post Halloween detox starts today (notice the loose fitting dress) I have been eating buckets and buckets of all of the kids Halloween candy!!!  I think I will need to increase my runs for a few months to make up for it!  I kinda don't wanna fess up to it, but I picked up a few things on sale... this, this and for 20 bucks this they were just WAY too great to resist!!!  I am off to vote and then pick up Toy Story 3 on Blue Ray for tonight, I love that show!!!   
Dress Tucker for Target: Signature Dress
Leggings Nordy's: Hue
Boots Anthro: Bowtied Beauties
Belt Anthro: Looping Lanes
Necklace Anthro: similar here

The only thing still taunting me is this but I am trying to stay strong!


  1. LOVE the Tucker dress hunnie...you look great.....we didnt have any trick or treaters...my kiddos are too old to go out, so the eating candy problem thankfully doesnt exist in my house, hehehehe

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  2. I ordered the T-Straps too! I can't wait to see them in person!

    I love that dress. How did I miss out on the entire Tucker line? Too cute!

  3. You look cute today! I love those leggings with the tunic. I'll call you later today.

  4. Oh girl, I hear ya about eating too much candy! ANd with a sprained ankle I don't get to run anytime soon so I need to stop! =) You look super cute today--and comfy too! Great sale picks...I am a sucker for a sale. Still trying to decide if I wanna give in or a=not on anything...hmmm..I already gave into J Crew! =) Have a great day!

  5. You look incredible. I've been so strong. I've had like... two pieces of Little S's candy! I think it's adorable that you and J both got the Shine Through Button-Up! And the Kirklees would look stunning on you... C'mon... in the grand scheme of things, is it really that much?

    OH MAN, I'm a bad influence! I can't afford a sleeve on that thing! Stay strong, girl!!! :)

  6. I am literally feeling sick from all the candy I have been eating - and even sicker when I see the # on the scale, lol. Anyway, glad you got some goodies this morning (bans should automatically be lifted on sale days!) and I love the Tucker dress on you - I keep checking my target in case any more magically appear in my size...

  7. I'm not even normally a sweets person, but with the way things are at work right now - I'm sure I could down some serious chocolate if I had some around!! =) Is that called emotional eating? ha ha