Monday, August 22, 2011

OOTD- Off to school in *style*!

My daughter is starting 2nd grade in a new school today, we all got up early and the kids all got dressed in new school clothes (even though only one of them is starting today!)  They were so excited I could barely get through scriptures study this morning (actually one of them took off during it to get *dressed*.)  There is something so magical about starting school each year I remember just LOVING it!  Here is the dress I wore to church yesterday...
Dress Anthropologie In a Twinkling: similar here
Cardigan Anthropologie Field Game: similar and cheap here
Shoes Anthropologie Waving Grains: similar here

She poses just like me and I honestly did not even ask her to!  Monkey see monkey do right?!  
Top Forever 21 Girls: similar here
Skirt Forever 21 Girls: Pleated Stripe
Shoes Toms: Pink Camo

This little girl found this outfit and INSISTED that I buy it for her.  Cute and slightly hideous all at the same time, but she loves it and that is what matters most!

Off to school!

Those little feet just make me happy!!  They all got Toms for school shoes this year (actually everyone got a pair and they are soooo comfy!)


  1. Oh my gosh! The pic of the little feet is just too adorable! I love the excitement right before school too. It's almost like a fresh start for everyone!


  2. You have a beautiful family! I actually pulled out that dress to wear this morning and wished I owned a red cardigan to go with it! You look great as always.

  3. You are all too adorable...your kids are certainly going to take after your great fashion sense :) Good luck with school starting!

  4. LOVE LOVE your Sunday pretty! I often wish I would have got the red version of that sweater instead of the blue! Happy first day of school! Hope your little one has a great day today! They are all looking so cute!

  5. Oh my goodness your kiddos are SO stinkin' cute! Your girls are too funny with their little poses!

  6. You have the prettiest family ever. Your little girls are so cute and modelesque!!!
    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  7. very cute! love that cardigan!

  8. i love that cardi and like jenni i sometimes wish i had gotten the red version too. the kiddos look super cute in their school gear!

  9. You and your family look lovely!

  10. Love that cardigan

    And you have a beautiful family!

  11. Cute dress and cute family! That's so fun that your family got Toms. What I great idea. I hope to own a pair soon!

    I'm new to this mormon fashion blogger community! You have a nice blog!

    sherri fromSHERRI AMOUR