Wednesday, August 17, 2011

OOTD- Flourishing stripes!

I got this top a few months ago but never found the right occasion to wear it until last week when I went to dinner with some old friends from my Florida years.  The situation in which they were all here was sad but we managed to have a wonderful dinner and catch up!  Alright back to real life which includes a pack-a-thon (have I mentioned that I hate packing yet?)  Oh and on the bright side, my birthday is in 15 days (but who is counting?!)
Top Anthropologie: Flourishing Stripes
Cardi F21: Cropped Knit 
Jeans: Joe's Kicker
Sandals: similar here

There is no way around this shot it is what it is... an awkward boob shot, but I wanted you to see the darling detail close up!

*Did you notice my tan?  It's called swimming lessons with the kids but what is funny/sad, I totally have tanorexia;)!*


  1. how fun is that top??

    and you look absolutely fabulous, loving the tan!

  2. You have the best shoe collection! The top is really cute! Glad you found a reason to wear it :)


  3. loving this outfit girl! Are you going on Vacay??

  4. Lovely top and sandals!

    Hope you wear sunscreen out there!

  5. Cute top....stripes are amazing on their own, but adding an extra fun detail makes them even better!

  6. That top is cheery. Looks fantastic on you. Lucky you that you actually color in style when out in the sun. I burn to a fair-thee-well and then peel. that's with sunscreen. BOO! By the way, congrats on your Mompos addition! Perfect pre-birthday present.

  7. That top is adorable!!! You look gorgeous. I'm glad you were able to spend time with your friends!

  8. Years ago I went to the tanning bed WAY TOO MUCH and I so had tanorexia. I never felt like I was too dark but looking back, whoa...not attractive! :)
    Love the top...the stripes and bold flowers are adorable. Just think, the packing is all to move you into your lovely new home = totally worth it! :)

  9. Yes, you are definitely looking tan! I love having tan legs and arms but I'm pretty protective about my face, which is why I noticed today that it's about 10 shades lighter!

    I love the fun texture on that top!

  10. Oh, what a great top! Perfect for summer casual