Sunday, August 28, 2011

OOTD- eShakti makes me feel... Lady Like and Lovely!

A few weeks ago I was asked by eShakti if I would like to review a product... ummmm yes!!  I have adored this site since I found out about the shop via Peggy wearing a dress from them.  You can pick any dress and for only $7.50  have it customized to fit you!  For someone like me who does not wear anything sleeveless or shorter than knee length this website is a dream come true!  I already have my eye on this cute skirt... and you can't beat the prices!!  Enough gushing I will show you the photo's!  Here is what I wore to church today...
Dress eShakti: Pearl detail dress (I added sleeves!)
Belt Anthro
Shoes Seychelles: Pot of Gold (on sale!)

The beauty of this dress is really all in the details...
It fit lovely and I received so many compliments!  

Will I order again from eShakti?
YES!  I am one happy customer!!!

* If you are interested in ordering eShakti has graciously offered you all a COUPON!!  Just type in TRICIA0811 at checkout and you will get $20.00 off (that makes this cute skirt only 30 bucks!!!)  I hope you find shopping with them as wonderful as I have!!!*

While looking through the site I found a few Anthro-esque items...
Ummm Rising Vapors anyone?  If you missed out on it, get it here for only $35 (with coupon)
*how cute would this be in the Fall with boots and printed tights?*

This cute skirt reminds me of this Anthro one I got years ago!  Find it here for only $30!!!  (with coupon) 


  1. you look so pretty!! The light blue belt compliments the dress too. Like, like,like!!

  2. like i said today.. beautiful lady! one of my favorites

  3. Cute dress...and your hair is fantastic!

  4. WOW! That dress is absolutely stunning! The purple one you showed is also just as gorgeous!


  5. you look so pretty in that dress! I really like eShakti's service - for a shorty like me it's nice to not have to deal with too-long skirts!

  6. You look so pretty! That dress is perfect for you. Congrats on the review and thank you for the coupon code!

  7. Your styling really makes this dress come to life. Your curls, belt and shoes make this entire ensemble so ladylike. It looks amazing on you!!

  8. Holy cow, this is GORGEOUS!!! The colors, the pearls, the fit! Wowza!

  9. Such a pretty dress, I love it! The details are really just lovely too. And that purple dress is soooo pretty, I may just have to get it even though I already have the rising vapors dress.

  10. It's a lovely dress and you look so cute!

    I said 'yes!' also. Look for some photos in the future. :)

  11. oh what a cute dress. it fits you perfectly.
    i have never heard of them before..heading over there right now.

  12. So pretty!
    Off to check out the site!

  13. While looking at my sidebar I about choked seeing this photo -couldn't wait to click on it to get t your blog! SOOOOO beautiful! You look fabulous lady!