Friday, March 11, 2011

My list of top twelve!

Even though I am 'at sea' today I have a few posts that will run while I am gone.  I saw Sara put this post up and wanted to copy it!  Here are my top 12 beauty products I LOVE!

I start off every morning with my soap and peeps it's a bar and I LOVE IT!!
Clinique at ShopStyle

Then I use my Clarifying lotion!
Clinique at ShopStyle

Olay at ShopStyle

The World's BEST Foundation!!!
Bare Escentuals at ShopStyle

NARS at ShopStyle

Under eye concealer that I MUST USE!!
Bobbi Brown at ShopStyle

Universal eyeshadow and the BEST (even though I think it's not officially an eyeshadow?)
Bobbi Brown at ShopStyle

Best liquid eyeliner EVER and only a BUCK!!!  Elf liquid liner!

Eyelash curler
Shu Uemura at ShopStyle

Cover Girl at ShopStyle

Anastasia at ShopStyle

Lipgloss (I usually wear this everyday) It's also only a buck and I LOVE it!
So there you have it, my usual beauty regime as you can see I mix drugstore products with some more $$ ones, it all depends on what I like!  What do you use?


  1. I without a doubt...endorse Clinique products hands down.....the very best!! Ill try some of your other favs too, fun post!

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  2. I use that moisturizer too in the spring/summer! I've tried the Elf liner, but my problem is that it's really wet and it gets on my lashes and then they clump together. I keep meaning to pick up that Bobbi Brown concealer because I've heard such great things about it, but I hate the thought of trying to pick out my perfect shade :/

  3. I must be one of the few who has never tried that foundation! But I can vouch for the eyebrow powder - incredible stuff! I have an entire post dedicated to the Anastasia eyebrow stuff on my blog.

    Hope you are having fun, wherever you are!

  4. I love elf products as well. I love my bare minerals. I'm running out and I need to repurchase it asap. I can't live without the stuff.
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