Tuesday, March 29, 2011

OOTD- Basketball birthday!

I have been off the grid- last week I started coming down with something and then ended up in bed for 4 days straight trying to get over this nasty virus!  I went to the doctor yesterday and she said it looks like I am on the mend.  Yesterday we had a birthday party for my little guy and all we wanted was a 'basketball hoop cake?' so I spent half the day making what I thought was a basketball hoop cake.  I was kinda relieved there was no sale today but I am still dying to grab this little number!  Here is what I wore yesterday...
Anthropologie Maeshowe Shirtdress: similar here
Leggings Kohls: similar here
Boots Anthropologie Bowtied Beauties: similar here
Necklace from the crusie: similar here

My best attempt at a 'basketball hoop cake!'

Me and the birthday bum at his party!

*I have had so many ask I wanted to say- no I have not found my wedding ring yet, I got a fakey to wear in the mean time!*


  1. You look so great in that bright red/orange, and that cake looks awesome!

  2. Your little guy is too cute...as is that cake:)
    Glad you are feeling better now..its the stupid weather!!

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  3. Wow, that's quite a cake. You did an amazing job!! Happy Birthday to you little guy. I have one this weekend, 13 yrs old!

  4. You and your cakes are awesome. What great memories they will have of their mom doing this for them each year! And you look beautiful while doing it! Happy Birthday to your cutie!

  5. Happy Birthday P! I'm glad you're feeling better. And that cake looks awesome!

  6. Love the bright color of the dress, and your cake looks awesome...that takes talent!

  7. Omigoodness, that picture of you and your birthday boy is SO, SO CUTE! And wow, your cake looks awesome! I hope you were recovered enough to enjoy a piece. No sale this week depressed me, I broke down and bought two dresses full price - sigh.

  8. Those boots are really great. I think I could make them work with all sorts of things. And congrats on an adorable cake!

  9. Oh man you would never know you had been sick from the photos because you look fantastic! I love that dress. I don't remember it but it is so pretty. I also love the cake and your cute little man.

    I think that is an excellent and accurate representation of what I imagine when I think "basketball hoop cake." When he is older you can remind him of how cute that request was. Happy Birthday to him!

  10. Ok girl, you have some mad cake decoratin skills...such a great creation! I bet your son was so excited about it!!! I love this tunic/dress on you...the colors are so perfect! You nailed it! =)

  11. Whoa...seriously impressive! C'mon, did you work in a cake shop or something? What a lucky little boy! You look like an unstoppable, chic lady, who happens to be a mom... who makes enviable cakes!

  12. Wow -- what a fantastic cake! I would have trouble eating such a work of art!

    And this tomato-y reddish dress looks fantastic on you. You definitely rock the bright colors, and the print is so unique!