Wednesday, March 23, 2011

A little trip to visit the sun!

Wow I really chose a good time to come home with snow/freezing temps!  I wanted to share a few pictures from my recent trip to Mexico (sans kids!)  No OOTD today because we are getting granite counter tops today and life is a bit CRAZY!  My little guy also turns 4 today where did the time go?  Alright onto the pictures!
In Vegas we ate at Serendipity3 I LOVE that frozen hot cocoa!

Ready to board the ship!  

Sang some Karaoke!!!  

LOVED every towel animal we got (and have the pictures to prove it!)

Went snorkeling and my Sister took this shot just for the blog she told me- it's my Baywatch moment.  I got this swimsuit at Hapari FYI.

We went 4-Wheelin' on the beach!

Had to stop at Senior' Frogs for chips and salsa, and VIRGIN Pina Colada's!

Went out almost every night to see the beautiful stars!

Did 12 Zip lines- SO FUN!!!

Ate WAAAAAAY too much!!!  Went for wings almost every night after eating all three meals!

Dressed up for 'formal night' and enjoyed lobster!

Went for all you can eat sushi YUM-O! 

Did I mention we ate like champs?  That's what a cruise is all about! 

Missed my kids like crazy but had lots of time to read, relax, shop and enjoy some one on one time with my wonderful hubby!!!  I am already for another cruise!  

*Off topic but I wanted to report on this mascara- I give it a thumbs down it flakes all over my cheeks throughout the day.  Stick with this little guy because it's awesome and only like 6 bucks!!!!  Are you sick of me yet?  Because I am!  Have a wonderful day!!!


  1. This looks SO fun! Glad you and Jessica had fun!

  2. LOVE the did TONS girl!!! It looks like a fabulous time...Id be ready to go back too! I hate this weather we are having....freezing!!

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  3. you looked so pretty in all your vacation pictures - I tend to freak out when I pack and end up with the most boring, random outfits ever!

    What cruise line did you use? I've never been on a cruise but my boyfriend is vacation-phobic so I think a cruise might be a good way to break him in!

  4. Looks like a great time, I NEED a va-ca!


  5. Looks like you guys had a blast! We did a cruise to Alaska a few years ago and it was so much fun! Now I want to go again! And I loved spotting all your Anthro pieces in the pictures: it's like a Where's Anthro game!

  6. GREAT pics! Thanks for sharing! Totally agree with Kathleen...loved seeing all the Anthro in the pictures. :-)

    Also agreed with Covergirl mascara...I personally use the Lash Fusion (purple tube) one and LOVE it. Cheap and effective. No more spending $20+ on mascara for me! :-)

  7. Thanks for sharing your pics. You look liked you had an incredible time and I love the Anthro looks you sported. Vacation can't get here fast enough for me!! Headed out your way in July!!!

  8. You are so beautiful, Tricia, and I love your beaming smile! What a great trip. I love snorkeling! I also want to do a zip line, and can't wait to know what it feels like.

  9. Love the Baywatch photo - you rocking the look. Glad you had a great time and congrats on your little guys birthday - enjoy every minute with him.

  10. How fun! You girls are so pretty!

  11. Looks like you had a blast...jealous :)

  12. Love all your cute vacation always takes me an eternity to pack for vacations! Glad you and your hubby and family had a great time! We've been on a few cruises and have always really enjoyed them. The last two we went on we had small kids with us (not so fun) but we look forward to going again on our own sometime!

  13. lashblast is the BEST! i love it to death.
    looks like you had so much fun..ahh...i want to go!
    i LOOOVE your baywatch picture. haha.
    you and your husband are so adorable!

  14. Looks like you guys all had a fantastic time! Fun in the sun and plenty of good food. I would have been so happy with the all-you-can-eat sushi. I gave it up for Lent and have really been missing it!

    And your Baywatch shot is too funny!

  15. Hi Tricia,
    Your pictures totally reminded me of out anniversary cruise to Bahamas last year! Recognizing the dinning room and other surroundings on the ship~ Oh and the eating part... I am with you totally like 8 meals a day right?

    You look so fabulous on all your anthro outfits! Cruise is such perfect occasion to show off all Anthro goodies~


  16. I love seeing all your Anthro in action! Looks like you had a blast! I hope your son had a great birthday too :)

  17. Tricia- I swear the carpet on your cruise ship looks just like our boat from the Princess line. Did you go to the Caribbean? Loved seeing all the Anthro in action. You look so beautiful and happy. Oh yes, the food... I wasn't hungry for 2 weeks after I got home. However I really did miss the ice cream and pizza bar late night runs! I think my husband drank more virgin Pina Coladas than any passenger has ever consumed. It became quite comical actually. I knew I could always find him poolside, ordering another one.

  18. Your trip looks like it was sooooo much fun!! Oh man! I totally need a vacation now after seeing that. No need to hassle the Hoff because clearly your Baywatch moves are worthy of rescuing any swimmer in need! I love it!

  19. Looks like you had a great time! Cruises are awesome!