Wednesday, March 9, 2011


I started using Latisse about 3 months ago and wanted to report about my progress.  My eyelashes are totally longer and starting to really thicken.  I have been really happy with this product and the results!  I did switch mascara which I think helps!  I used to use this which I FIRMLY believe is the best cheap mascara on the market.  But my SIL told me to switch to this which so far I REALLY like but honestly need more time to decide if it's actually worth the $$!  If you want to get your hands on Latisse without going to the Dr. and getting a prescription (because maybe your doctor is not as generous with the prescriptions like mine!)  I know you can get it here and they have a *Dr* write you a script and mail it to you (cheapest place to get in online that I know of, even cheaper than the pharmacy with your Dr's prescription) and I personally have experience with this company so I know it's actually Latisse not F-atisse!  

I never took a before shot but I found this one and hope you can see the difference!
Here is the *before* shot!


Things to know about Latisse:
* It's about 100 bones for a 60 day supply
 (I can make it stretch to about a 90 by dropping one large drop in the cap and dipping the applicator into it, I also only use one applicator a night instead of the 2 it recommends)
* It takes 6 weeks to start to see any results
* You only use it a few times a week once desired results are achieved, so the price will decrease after the initial 3 month period!
* Once you stop using it your lashes will eventually return to normal
* The studies have not shown a change in eye pigment with the use of Latisse BUT in patients that used the same product for Glacoma under the name Lumigan.

Here is Brooke Shield's Before and After photo's after 12 weeks, and they are much better than mine!
* I am in no way endorsing the use of prescription drugs without a prescription, just letting people know about my experience with it. *

*If you jack your eyes and your lashes fall out, or your eyes turn black I will not be held liable!  Sue Brooke Shields she actually has $$*


  1. Wow...what a real difference!!! Ive heard this product is nail girl uses it, and I can really tell a difference:)

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  2. This is so cool. The 'after' picture shows an obvious difference!! Thanks for the review, Tricia!!

  3. Your eyes and lashes are beautiful - that's awesome that it's been so effective.

    Mostly I cannot stop laughing at your disclaimers - these are better then your at home hair color ones - you are hilarious!

  4. You're too funny. I use Tarte mascara from Sephora and get really long lashes, it's amazing.

  5. OMG, you are hilarious woman! Sue Brooke Shields!!! Isn't Claire Danes promoting it now, too? She's got some cashola, too!

    Your lashes look amazing!!!

  6. I've wanted to try Latisse for a while now. Thanks so much for the link. At least I have a cheaper option to consider now...your lashes look crazy thick! Is it getting easier to ask your husband to do things for you now, just with a bat of the 'ol eyelashes?! They're gorgeous!

  7. So amazing. I've been worried about the color change, but might have to think about it.

  8. Wow! Your results are amazing!