Tuesday, January 25, 2011

OOTD- Birthday bonanza!

We had a little birthday party for my baby who wanted a "Dora party" it was thrown together but she will never know because she is two.  I made the cake (which took hours) and after finishing it she immediately started yelling "I need to taste boots and Dora" kids are so fun!  I felt an immediate sense of relief when there was no sale this morning (I am trying to not spend much since we are going on a cruise in 6 weeks!)  I have been eyeing this but it would be for my trip so it does not count right?!  Here is what I wore to the party...
Top F21: similar here
Cardi J-Crew: Bling Button
Jeans True Religion: Skinny Lonestar
Boots Anthro: very similar here

Me and the birthday girl!

Here is her 'Dora, boots and backpack cake'   My family kept teasing me about Dora's beard but I am not  the Ace of Cakes, or the Cake Boss! :)

Side note:  WHY is Brad keeping Michelle around, she is CRAZY!!!!!?  I think the producers must be making him that is all I can come up with!


  1. You are one hot momma in that outfit! That color is so pretty on you.

    Your little girl is absolutely adorable too! I hope she had a great time at her party.

    And hey, at least you MADE her cake(s). I order them instead. :)

  2. Those cakes are awesome...you have great talent...mine would be too embarrassing to post!!!

  3. wow, awesome cakes! I love what your daughter said!! funny! You are going on a cruise in 6 weeks? How fun - I'm jealous - that's 2 vacations in a row! I have never taken a cruise- they seem so fun and relaxing. Happy Birthday to the youngest of your 3 adorable kiddos!

  4. Great outfit and I love the cakes! You need to share some of your time management techniques, you do so many awesome things for your kids. I can't seem to get anything done :)

  5. Wow, you made those cakes - they look pretty fantastic to me! I watched the BF's mom TRY to make a bunny cake for the grandkids - good thing they were small and all they cared about was stuffing their faces!

    You look great! And comfortable!

  6. The cakes look AMAZING! And you look even moreso! :) Happy birthday, little one! Little S. will be 2 on the 31st! I'm still waiting to see these gorgeous kiddos on Trendy Tots Tuesdays! ;)

  7. Tricia, you look great and the birthday girl and her cakes, so cute. Such talent. I wanted to tell you I ordered that chemise awhile back and returned it. I didn't think it was constructed well for the price. A cruise sounds fab....counting the days here until our Spring break in April......

  8. They look great Tricia. I am sure a lot of effort went into them...great job!

  9. Your birthday girl is cute as a button, and I'm totally impressed that you made the cakes! Love your cute outfit too - did you go more blonde? Or is it just the light?

  10. Awwwww..the cake is so cute, as is your daughter...you both look adorable:)

    Love the layering!!

    Stop by and say Hello:)
    Editor, The Fashion 411 Magazine♥

  11. Brad likes 'em crazy. My best friend and I predicted Michelle will win on the first day... She is a psychiatry resident, and I'm a medical student going into psychiatry.... it will be funny if we are right