Wednesday, January 19, 2011

OOTD- At Last!

There once was a shirtdress I loved
But thought it hit my knees too far above.
So I returned it with a really sad heart
And realized it was something I could not bear to be apart
I stalked the Trade Market, and Ebay each day
Until finally someone wonderful helped it come my way
Now I am as happy as a sun ray
I am wearing this shirtdress as my outfit of the day...
Maeshowe shirtdress Anthro: similar here
Leggings Kohl's: Simply Vera
Belt Anthro: similar here
Boots Anthro: Bowtied Beauties
Necklace F21: Disco Pendant

I know I am stellar at poetry, I have mad skillz but don't be jelly!

Thanks to the detective work of my sister I did indeed score these little guys but I held off on everything else!!


  1. I'm glad you got the dress you loved - it looks amazing on you! I really like that necklace, too - I keep adding it and taking it out of my F21 cart!

  2. I'm most definitely jealous of your mad skillz :) This post made me laugh!
    However, the dress looks cute on you and doesn't appear too short or immodest! Big score :)

  3. Ohhh I'm loving that shirtdress! Especially on you great color. I love it with the boots!

  4. I love this dress and am glad you were able to track it down.
    It's funny, around Thanksgiving I fell in love with and bought a dress at the Banana Republic outlet. It's been one of my go-to dresses for the past couple months. Shortly after buying it I saw an SA at Anthro wearing the same dress, but with distinct differences. I immediately thought someone ripped off the BR dress. It soon all came together and I realized that in fact I was wearing what was pretty much a copy of the Maeshowe. The BR version is more of a rust, but it has the same design, wooden buttons, tied sleeves, etc...of course BR's is polyester. :-) I just can't believe that I didn't notice this sooner...I'm using your children and lack of brain function logic from yesterday as my excuse. I also noticed that the BR outlet just released a dead ringer for the winding road tank. I just thought it was interesting.
    Again, glad you’ve been reunited with your dress.

  5. I love that dress! I look for it often on Ebay too. I like how you wore it with the boots. :-)

  6. Good grief you're cute. :) And I think that dress is just PERFECT on you!

  7. That dress is fantastic on you - I have kind of been stalking for one too - what a great find!

  8. So glad you were able to find this dress again. It is such a vibrant color and looks great on you!!

  9. Don't you just LOVE it when you stalk something and FINALLY find it?!! That dress was worth the wait I'd say because you look so cute in it! The colors are awesome on you! And of course, I love the boots along with it....they look great with everything you pair them with! Can't wait to se your new yelow pumps in some upcoming OOTD's! =)

  10. Glad you found your dress....I know how that feels to be obsessed with an article of clothing and have to track it down!

  11. It's not even the teensiest bit too short on you, I LOVE it - you look fantastic and I'm so happy you were reunited with the dress!

  12. that dress is totally flattering on you--looks fabulous! i love the color and pattern. score one for detectivity, eh?

  13. You are too, too cute, Tricia. What a perfect little poem to describe how you came by this dress. So glad you were able to track it down after all these years. And I think the length looks great on you! Love the tomato red color with the Bowtied Beauties : )

  14. Hahaha, loved the poem! That dress is beautiful -- if it's too short, I really can't tell! The colors are wonderful, and those boots... I am jealous...