Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Better late than never right?

I swear before having children my brain used to work much better (at least that's the story I am sticking with!)  A good example of my sharp as a tack brain would be.... Last week when I ordered this and did not realized I ordered TWO of them!  Or this one time my van battery was getting really low (that DVD player sucks the life right out of it!) so I decided to leave in running in the garage with the door open to charge it up.  Well I forgot about my brilliant idea and left the garage door open all night with my van running!  OOPS!  Good thing the gas tank was full hu?  And on the bright side the battery was charged right up just like planned!  I sometimes feel like things slip right on out of my head and it's a mixed blessing especially for my kids (like when I forget I already told them 4 times not to do something and they avoid getting in HUGE trouble!)  Awhile back Peggy had a Christmas gift swap and I signed up excitedly!  I totally forgot to post the wonderful gift I got from Leah.  I have actually worn this necklace quite a bit but have not taken a picture in it!  I just keep forgetting!  So here is a picture of the beautiful necklace and a promise to take a picture of me wearing it soon!

So cute right!  Similar here

Did anyone else catch 'The Bachelor' last night?  I want to say Michelle is from Utah but that girl is CRAZY-TOWN and we as a state do not claim her!!!  I swear the producers are making him keep her there because let's be honest that girl needs to go home!!!

* I passed on the sale today (amazing will power I know!) I have been lusting after these shoes, but decided I really want these so if anyone happens upon a size 7 in those cute shoes let me know (so I can lose all will power!)


  1. Wow, what a truly gorgeous necklace..luck girlie!!

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  2. That is cute necklace! I agree, Michelle is off her rocker...and I also totally think the producers are making Brad keep her...he has to know by now she is crazy!


  3. Your post is making me laugh so hard - I once left my car running in the parking lot of the grocery store...YIKES...I will say it was nice and warm when I got back to it almost an hour later. ROTFL!!!

    That necklace is so pretty! I saw a lone pair of those pumps at the Walnut Street store in Philly last night but didn't check the size, might be worth a call.

  4. I'm not even watching this season. It's odd to me that they are having him back after he didn't pick anyone first time he was on there - I'm boycotting :) ha Is it the same Michelle from last season though... that girl was psycho!! :)
    I'm glad you are enjoying your necklace. I felt bad that I didn't have time to find you anything else or wrap it all fancy...I was doing good to just get it shipped. My organized life is falling apart :) You shouldn't feel about being forgetful. My sister-in-law tells me her brain has become Mommy mush :)

  5. Oh girl...I feel ya! I always say I lose a little more of my brain with each kid we have...good thing we're done! =) I do things ALL the time that are so ridiculous! And yes, I'm addicted to the Bachelor! ANd OH MY GOSH...Michelle. WHat a disaster! SHe just looks mean and is totally off her rocker, agreed. SHe must go! Glad vampire girl is gone to, although after last night she seemed like a very sweet girl. CHeck you out with the willpower...that's awesome! Those yellow pumps are the cutest...hope you are able to find a pair!

  6. I love this necklace, can't wait to see IRL pictures! Honey, I feel like that 24/7! Sometimes I think I am really getting alzheimers! I really feel as women we do so much and that's all our brains can handle! When I speak to all my other friends they say the same thing!!! LOL

  7. Thanks for the tip Jan I was able to track a pair down!

  8. Very cute necklace! I was gonna say that about Michelle too. I know quite a few people from Utah and I attest they are NOTHING like her. LOL

  9. Love the necklace ...just got something similar as a gift and need to post it...thanks for the reminder Tricia...I am so forgetful too sometimes. By the way, I don't have children but I have the mind of someone who has at least 4 of them so maybe that will be my new excuse for forgetting things.....Dawn
    Suitcase Vignettes. Have a great week!!