Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Catching my attention!

First off today I am totally 'scraped out' I am exhausted from the par-tay yesterday which BTW turned out perfectly!!  My daughter was on cloud nine and I am really glad that's over for a year!  Now onto planning daughter #2's birthday which is next Monday.  My hubby and I were joking around about how after Christmas our lives get MUCH crazier because we have our anniversary, his birthday, my oldest daughter's birthday and then my youngest daughter's birthday all within 3 weeks.  Next child (if there is a next) BETTER be a fall baby or BUST!!  I was perusing Anthropologie's website last night and found quite an array of cute new things!!  I must be longing for Spring because I have a total aversion to heavy sweaters and boots right now!  Here is my wishlist right now...
I can just see myself wearing this all summer long!

I have no idea what it is about this cardi but I LOVE IT!!!

Genius is all I can say about this top!!

Print love is what I have with this skirt!

I can feel how soft and comfortable this would be just looking at it!

I need new red shoes BADLY and these guys fit the bill 
(plus they are totally cheap, by Anthro standards!)

I don't usually wear earrings but my sister told me I need to 'try them again for the first time!' I think this sweet pair would be a good way to east back in!:)

I also did indeed pick up a little something from the sale today (perfect for a throw and go morning!)  What new items are you lusting over?


  1. The party sounded like great fun. My daughter loved Tangled. I can't wait for Spring. I love my new top that ties in front but am trying to hold off until markdowns. The dress you selected just says "summer" love it. I also love the colors in the skirt. I am working hard "not to buy" until April but this new stuff is killing me, stay strong, right!?

  2. Love the cardi too..the shoes..the skirt...and of course that yellow dress..you would look perfect in ALL of these pieces:)

    SO glad the party was a hit!!

  3. Glad it was a great party and that you rewarded yourself with that pretty sweater this morning. I can totally see you in all the items on your radar right now- cute choices!

  4. Glad your party went over well - you must be exhausted!

  5. Wow, that IS a busy after-Christmas schedule! Good luck on the next birthday! And you pretty much summed up MY wishlist with YOUR wishlist, haha! I can't wait to see that beaded cardigan in person at the store!

  6. Glad that the party is over and went well! I feel the same way about the big party I was planning for what feels like a million years!

    I was good today and didn't get anything - we'll see how long that lasts!

  7. LOVE everything on your wish list, Tricia! I still have.not.broken the seal- I haven't ever had an item from Anthro. I can't believe it. Everything's just so gorgeous, though!

    We're about to throw Little S. a birthday party in a few weeks, then mine's two weeks after hers! Poor hubby!

  8. OH, what a fun list of gorgeous Anthro pretties! I'm loving that first dress and would love to get it for the wedding I'm going to in March but I;'m afraid it's a bit too short. I usually need at elast 40" and it's only 38". I need to go try it on...you never know. And those red heels...oh my cuteness...and for ANthro so cheap! They are awesome!

  9. that skirt is practically calling my name. MEREDITH!!! BUY ME!! haha:)

  10. I love that yellow dress! It is so pretty and springy! I'll have to avoid all shopping websites. What I don't know exists won't find it's way into my closet.
    I'm trying to avoid the sale as we speak.

  11. Those are all fabulous pieces. That skirt is to die for!! Love it!! Thanks for stopping by my blog, I'm your newest follower as well!!

  12. Wow, what great pics! I am loving the printed skirt and shoes!

  13. I am totally lusting over a couple dresses, that one included!

    It's crazy after the holidays here, too. First is my neice's birthday next week, then mine. then my mom and another neice in Feb. Then, ready for it? Two sisters, a brother, two neices and a nephew's birthday in March!!! CHAOS!