Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Thrifty Tuesday!

Plain and simple I have been garbage at doing this blog, do you ever feel like you just can't catch up on life?  I do.  I have spent the week scouring the internet (and buying) some of these cute things.  I should tell you this came in the mail and I am not a fan (looks cheap and the fit makes me look pregnant!)... I guess it's back to the drawing board for an outfit!  Here are my thrifty finds (FYI all the pictures are links to the products.)
My two sisters have this top it's so flattering and for 20 bucks at Anthro!

Leopard print skinny belt anyone (only like 5 bucks!)

I have been eyeing this skirt debating if I can pull it off or not and then it hit sale and now it's on it's way (I will decide when it gets here!)

I am on a *flats* kick lately and ordered these they look so much like these made by Prada!

I cannot tell you enough how much I LOVE this cardi!  I got it in orange and am eyeing it in a few more colors!  My only advice is follow the reviews and size up!


  1. You will look fantastic in that pleated midi skirt! Midis are my new favorite style. They are modest, classy, and girly! Heather

  2. I want that target cardi! We need to see an ootd with it. And can't wait to see if that midi skirt works out, love the color of it.

  3. Such cute finds! I'm loving this weekly post! Bummer the tank from ON didn't work...what are you gonna wear now?? I have that pink Sidebent tank from Anthro in 3 colors..it is the best! And such agreat price right now!

  4. Hey, life happens, right??!! I always enjoy reading your posts but totally get where you're coming from about finding the time to do it ALL!!!

  5. Lovely picks, and great deal on the belt!

  6. The cardi color s great....and the belt? SUPER cute...cant wait to see how you style the pleated skirt:)

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  7. These are super cute! I am super loving that top! I need to go check that out. You found some amazing deals. :D