Friday, December 3, 2010

It's the most wonderful time of the year!!

I am not ashamed to say this is my FAVORITE holiday hands down!! I love Christmas, the season for giving and the excitement I feel again with my own children!  I also love that this is a holiday centered around the birth of our Savior!  I decorated my house for the holiday's last Saturday and then the tree on Tuesday and then ordered this and this.  I am enjoying the smell of fresh pine that is wafting through the house!!  Here is a small holiday tour of Mi Casa...
 For the past 15 years I have collected Nativities!  Every time we go on a trip I buy one!  I have only a small fraction of them on my shelf (for lack of space)!

I picked up this Matryoshka doll Nativity in Russia 2 years ago!

This is my hand carved olive wood Nativity (well three pieces of the 20 piece collection) I got in 2000 in Jerusalem!  I have them from Italy, Mexico, Puerto Rico and a few other places I can't remember (because they are in boxes until I have room to display them all!!)

 Here is my tree!  

I was tagged by Spiffy so here is my take on the tag:

Seven interesting things about me:
* I am really a brunette (I have SO much grey hair I have to dye it, so I chose red!)
* I am OCD about locking my doors and safety!  I have a high tech alarm system on my house and am pretty sure every noise I hear at night is someone breaking in and trying to kill me!!! 
* I call my husband like 10 times a day (and my sister about 4 times a day!) I have a talking problem just ask anyone in my family!
* I secretly love watching the show Keeping up with the Kardashians (I know, I know!)
* I have a fondness for all things made in camouflage! 
* I give EVERYONE I know a nickname, It's a sign of affection!  My kids are:  Munkins, Mister Bear, and Vee-Gee Time.  I have no idea why, but I really love giving those I love nicknames!
* I LOVE me some Neil Diamond!  I think that even though he is Jewish that man makes a mighty fine Christmas album!

Seven most regrettable things I have eaten:
* 2 half pints of Ben and Jerry's Mint Oreo (in one sitting)
* a freezer burnt lean cuisine
*  McRib
* A box of half eaten cold chicken nuggets
* a Big Hunk candy bar
* Escargot
* A whole bag of candy corns (just try it and you will understand!)

Seven products I use everyday:
* Bobbi Brown concealer
* Chapstick
* Toothbrush, paste and floss!
* Soap
* Foundation (I get that dreaded pregnancy mask during pregnancy, and it has never gone away!)
* Deodorant (I am a man sweater and once I forgot to put it on... so I immediately hit up the nearest Walgreen's and remedied that situation!)

Seven things I really want for Christmas:
*MacBook Pro (17 inch)
* Laptop carrying case
* new iPhone
* Anthro gift card
* New ironing board (I only use when I sew!)
* New perfume
* A new TV!!!!

The seven people I tag: Jessica, Peggy, Molly, Kathleen, Ashley, Jenni, and Leah


  1. oh, thanks for the tag! Haha, now I don't have to think about what to write on Monday!

    I love nativities, too! I think they are so pretty. My boyfriend has a giant plastic outdoors one that he always sets up INSIDE his apartment - it's a little (okay, a lot) ridiculous, but I love it!

  2. Fun list! I too give everyone I love nicknames, and a lot of times I give each one of them several. I think my dog and fiance have about 10 a piece!

  3. Thanks for the tag, now I have to really think, think, think. We have that velvet tree skirt from PB and we use it every yeat. I also have a kid one too. Everything they do for the holidays is spectacular in my opinion. Your tree and house look beautiful. I love the fact that you collect navities. We collect ornaments from everywhere we've been. Great tradition to pass down to our kids. Have a great weekend.

  4. Your decorations are beautiful! My grandmother collected nativities too. It was fun reading your lists. I never would have guessed that you aren't a natural red-head!

  5. Your home looks beautiful - I love seeing your nativities! And your lists were so much fun to read, I'm the same about fearing home intruders when I hear a noise, and no big shocker, but I love to talk too...I should give you my number ;)

  6. I was just thinking I wanted to do a survey and I see you tagged me - so fun! Thanks!
    I love seeing your nativities... how neat that you are able to travel and have a unique collection from your travels. I love to see how other people decorate, so this post was so fun for me!!
    I thought you were a natual red-head. You seem to have that spunk. (and that is not a negative thing)

  7. Your tree is beautiful! Brunette? Who would have known? LOL

  8. Love al the holiday decor!!! Your tree is so pretty! We still have our little barely 6 footer we bought when we were in dental school...once residency is over and we get to our next station I'll get a new tree for a new chapter of life! =) How fun to real all your lists...thanks for the tag! I am also super paranoid about my house being secure and about hearing's freaky! I turn my house alarm every night...makes me feel better! =)

  9. I love the details on those stackable dolls!

    Thank you for all your blog support :)

    Just Better Together

  10. I also think that every noise is someone trying to get me....I lock doors so much that my husband gets locked out even if he goes out for the mail...great post..!!! I love anthro...!!! Dawn
    Suitcase Vignettes

  11. Oohhhhhh ... I can't believe you listed the McRib as one of the most regrettable things you've eaten! Don't you know it is back right now, but only until Dec. 5!!!!

  12. Lisa I hate that darn sandwich!!! My brother is the BIGGEST fan and is constantly teasing me about it!!

  13. thanks for playing!!

    I am the same way with locking things- imagine my surprise when I discovered my car door locks weren't locking with the key pad lock, I have no idea how long my car was "beeping" lock without actually locking! But, nobody got inside or took anything to my knowledge. Reason #2001 that I don't drive a super nice car in nyc!

    Your hair color is so pretty, do you do it yourself? or go to a salon?

  14. How fun, I am suprised that you aren't a natural red head!

    I am a man sweater too....what a fun thing to have in common

  15. Awesome collection!!

    I am OCD about safety stuff too, I check to make sure everything is locked at night about five times.

  16. I love your Russian doll nativity set!

    And there's nothing wrong with spending a little time with the Kardashians ;-)

  17. I think you look great as a redhead, and I can't imagine you as a brunette!

    Thanks so much for sharing all these fun tidbits about yourself. I'm usually a bit lackadaisical about safety, but my BF is paranoid, so I guess that as a couple, we're reasonable : )

    Love this display shelf in all it's Christmas splendor. BTW, my parents have the same nativity scene that is in the first fully-rectangular horizontal "cubby" (sorry, vocabulary is limited right now). I think it's from either Lladro or Nao? It was their first Christmas gift to themselves as a married couple!

  18. I also enjoy the Kardashians, it's a wee bit of morbid fascination. I'm not sure how they get classed as celebrities, but they fascinate me all the same. I'm going grey so quickly and know that eventually i need to decided between 'letting it all hang out' or changing colour - I think I'll try red as I really can't imagine doing blonde ... and it looks stunning on you.

    Merry Christmas :-)

  19. Your holiday decor is so lovely! I also liked getting to know you better through your answers here.