Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Snow White does not want a bag on her head!

First off I want to say that it has been unseasonably warm here which is WEIRD!  Last night we took the kids to see the city Christmas lights and rolled down our windows because it was 50 degree's outside at 7:00 pm?!  Then this morning SNOW at least 6 inches, which is good because, I LOVE a white Christmas.  Speaking of Christmas (Hubs are you reading this, because I really hope you are!)  I am totally planning on getting a MacBook pro since I tell you everyday to make sure and order it and sent you emails about it I have slyly told you I would like one.  So to go with my awesome new computer I *think* I need a laptop bag, I found a few cute ones what do you think?

Chloé at ShopStyle

Orla Kiely at ShopStyle

Catherines at ShopStyle

Tell me which bag you like best, or do you think laptop bags are useless?  I don't want a hard case because I am going to geek my laptop out with this little decal on the back (my sister is already making fun of me, but I love Disney *not in a tee-shirt wearing kinda way*)  Admit it, it's cute!

Lastly onto a little review; I ordered the Snowy Egret Shift dress and it was a total disaster!!  Here are pictures for your amusement!
It's huge up top and well there is a huge leaf on my boob, AWKWARD!  Back to the den of oddly placed leaves from whence you came!


  1. Aw I don't think the dress is that bad, but I do agree that you'll find something that you'll look much more amazing in that the money would be better spent buying!

    I like all three of the bags. I've never really used one myself: in law school I carried my laptop around in a backpack. Now we have a sleeve that Husband just tucks in his briefcase to travel. I wanted purple and he said, "no." Boo!

  2. LOVE the first bag....and seriously? that is some weird weather for sure!! Hope you guys dont get sick!!

    Love your outfit too.... Christmas class:)

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  3. I've never used a laptop bag, but they sure are cute! #2 is my favorite and then #1. That is too bad about the fit of that shift dress, the colors are so pretty otherwise!

  4. I love Bag #2! It's my fave.....and the Snow White Decal is really cute. :-)

  5. Tricia, I have the Mac, I just bought a laptop sleeve to put it in but I love the first bag. I also had the snowy egret, no go for me either. It fits weird. We are supposed to get 3-6 in tonight which probably = another snow day. Anyway, I think you look super cute in the dress with the boots.

  6. #2 is nice but it does not have a shoulder strap and you will want one. My pick is #1, cute and functional.

    Your comments about the dress made me laugh out loud!

  7. I'm not a cold weather gal so I would welcome 50 degrees right now. I looked at my phone when I woke up this morning and it said -2 degrees...really?! That SURE didn't make me want to crawl out of my warm bed!
    I love bag #2! Great color =) I carry mine back & forth to work everyday so a bag/protector is a must. I would think if you took it anywhere outside of the house it would be nice to have a stylish bag.

  8. Yes I think I'd go for the first one too! I don't like hard cases either, they're just not me!

    I love that dress, I would totally wear it!


  9. I like the first bag best..its really cute! How nice that its warm there, I am freezing my butt off in good old Jersey...and I love that dress on you!

  10. I have a bag for my laptop, but not as cute. I like the first choice.

    Too bad about the dress!

  11. My vote is for #2, such a fun and bold color!! No worries on the dress, you'll find something else more flattering.

  12. I like the dress Tricia but fit is everything...I should take my own advice. I like that you posted it anyway..Dawn Suitcase Vignettes.

  13. I like bags 1 and 2 and I LOVE that decal! The husband would never let me put that on our computer though!