Friday, September 10, 2010

Show and tell blog style!

Yesterday was so fun!!  Thanks for voting!!  After posting I went upstairs and saw these in my closet, I totally forgot I had them!  WARNING:  having children will negatively affect your brain!!!  Alright on a lighter note, I will come out and say it "I love fabric, and I love to sew!" I have been working on some projects lately and decided to share...
My Halloween quilt!
It was so fun to make!

I finally finished this one yesterday, and took it to be machine quilted!!

I love the vintage Heather Ross fabrics in this!

I am also working on a monster quilt for my little monster!!

Here is what I am wearing today...
Top Anthro: similar here
Shorts Citizens of Humanity: Bermudas
Shoes Cynthia Vincent: similar here
Necklace J-Crew: similar here

Lastly, remember when I was having a hard time?  I received this sweet gift in the mail and it brought me to tears!  Thank you Maria you are such a thoughtful friend!! 
She tells you how to make it (and a ton of other cute projects) on her blog!!!

Post edit:  I just walked outside and almost froze to death!!!  I am changing into this and this!  I think fall is here!!!


  1. I didn't know you had a talen for quilting - those quilts are so pretty! And I hope you show us your monster quilt when you're done with it - it looks like it'll be great!

  2. I love the quilts. They are so cute! Cute outfit to. I woke up this morning and couldn't believe how chilly it is outside. I definitely think fall is here.

  3. Your quilts are adorable! Kudos to you! Weather by me has been crazy the past week. 90's one day, 60's the next. I guess I'm a human barometer, because weather like this always gives me headaches. Have a great weekend!

  4. I love the sign you received in the mail. That was SO thoughtful. I didn't realized you sew!!! I always think I am going to learn how and could make baby bedding or curtains... one day =)

  5. How thoughtful of your friend! The quilts are adorable!

  6. Your quilting project are TDF CUTE - I adore things like that, but have no talent so resort to buying them on etsy, ha! I can't wait to pull my Fall decorations out, I think I'm going to just do it early this year because my house feels so bare in the summer when there aren't holidays to decorate for!

    You looked really cute in your outfit, and I'm sure you're adorable now that you changed too. I'm loving the cooler temps!

  7. exciting to see your, thank you so much for are one talented seamstress..the quilts are super fabulous!!!! your shoes too dollie:)

    Happy Friday!

    Statements in Fashion

  8. You are one talented lady. Maybe you could start your own clothing line??

  9. Okay seriously, are you just naturally slim? You are gorgeous and I'm so jealous. :) Not to mention you're apparently very talented too! I can't even sew a loose button! That's so sad.

    These are super cute!

  10. Those quilts are gorgeous! I have a friend who quilts and I know how much time goes into one. they are beautiful. I especially love the halloween one! What a fun holiday decoration!

  11. I love both quilts, the haloween one is super cute! And it reminds me that I need to get my decorations up now. And you look cute today!

  12. Don't feel badly...I bought a pair of booties the other day and my husband (who is totally fashion non-interested but has an amazing way of noticing EVERYTHING) said, "don't you have a pair of shoes like that?" I vowed I didn't but um, realized the next day...he was right. And I don't even own that many clothes and shoes. Sorry to say, the kids aren't my excuse, mine flew the nest years ago. Brynne

  13. wow your friend is amazing! ha ha. just want you to know that i am still thinking about you all the time and i miss you like crazy. i sound like we broke up or something.

    talk about talent - those quilts are super cute and i know that they took a lot of effort and time! you manage to do it all and look brilliant as well! so jealous!

  14. Mrs! I love those quilts!!! Is the halloween one a quilt or a wall hanging? It's is so cute! We need a best friends craft weekend (by weekend I mean at least a week), I am so unmotivated to make cute thing by myself, that and it's not as fun!

  15. girl you are talented!! Martha Stewart look out!