Friday, September 24, 2010

OOTD- Ice and blue

I love this blouse and hope Anthro comes out with another version of it this year!  I caved in and finally picked this up, I was worried it would sell out!  Here is what I am wearing today...
Cardi J-Crew: Bling button
Top Anthro: my next pretty blouse
Capri's Joe's: On sale here
Shoes Anthro: similar here
Necklace Anthro: similar here

With fall in the air (and a coupon) I ordered a few cute deco's for my house!  I love PB/PBK and could not resist this and this, is it me or would these little guys freak you out too?  I have such a fear of mice!


  1. You look adorable, as usual. I may copy this look tomorrow! Today's my birthday. I have to get to Anthro and use my coupon before the month is up. I think I'll go on Tuesday. Wouldn't it be great if a lot of things go on sale Tuesday so I could justify spending more? Fingers crossed.

  2. These colors are great on those little blue shoes...the blouse is adorable too, I can see why you thought it might sell out!!


    Have a Fabulous day!
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  3. Adorable, love the shoes and top!

  4. I love the this color against your hair. You have such lovely, beautiful hair. (Does that sound creepy?)

  5. I have always loved this top...totally missed out on it! It looks super cute on you! You picked up some cute PB things too...that countdown is fun! ANd the Bianka blouse...swoon! I may have to cave!

  6. Okay yeah, I don't really think of mice as Halloween decorations...more as just gross.

    On the other hand, you look super pretty!

  7. Lovely outfit! And those mice look like something my cat would play with...definitely not tablescape decorations!!!

  8. I'm looking at this trying to figure out why I don't wear blue more??!! Love the outfit... it all looks great on you.

  9. I NEED that top! Dear Anthro, you must come out with another one! You look super cute today.

  10. I love those little quilted flats! And I actually furnished my college dorm room with PBKids. I am probably one of only a handful : )

  11. So pretty! I don't give this top enough love. Can't wait to see you in the Bianca Blouse - it's gorgeous!

  12. too cute, I have this top and for some reason, I rarely wear it. That hs got to change!

    Love your PBK picks, they always have such great stuff! My stockings are all from PBK and so are the three younger boys rooms! They just make such adorable quality items!!!

    I also love your Anthro blouse, it is going to look great on you but then again...what doesn't? Have a great weekend!

  13. Very cute, as always! Love the blouse and the necklace! And the cardi. Of course. Love cardis.
    I can't wait until I can shop for a normal body again. About 16 weeks to go... then another 6 to recuperate... then begins the workout to return to skinniness.

  14. LOVE, love that top. I would love you to stop by and help me revamp my wardrobe. Please??