Thursday, September 23, 2010

NYFW- Preppy

Initially I thought 'this is one trend I will not get on board with' but did you see how cute Rosa looked in her boat shoes?  I don't think to be preppy you need to look like this:
because these guys look like nonsense!!!

So here are a few 'low key' ideas to follow this trend!
Anthropologie at ShopStyle
The classic 'Nantucket red'

Anthropologie at ShopStyle
This takes 'classic plaid' up a notch!

Forever 21 at ShopStyle
This cute top from F21 is a play on classic stripes!

Gap at ShopStyle
I adore this varsity cardi!

Ralph Lauren at ShopStyle
Classic ribbon belt

Circa Joan & David at ShopStyle
Loafers with some 'bling!'

Lacoste at ShopStyle
This screams 'preppy!'

I know I won't wear a cardigan like this:
But I can still find things in this trend I will do!


  1. Preppy just isn't me but I could wear some of those things. Especially that plaid anthro skirt!

  2. That varsity cardi is great. I've been on the lookout for one at the thrift stores, but haven't come across one yet. Great tips for pulling of a chic prep look.

  3. Good you imagine seeing that guy in the last pic on the street?? hahaha..Id so have to stop him and chat!!

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  4. I really do have a soft spot for preppy...cute finds!

  5. I might wear that cardigan but hubs would NEVER go for it. NEVER.

  6. I just remembered the preppy shoes I was wearing in the late 80s! You wouldn't catch me dead in them today! LOL But I could wear nay of the 1st 4 items easily....