Tuesday, September 28, 2010

OOTD- Remember when?

Let's play a game... my hubby and I always play this with each other when one of us makes a 'genius' move.  It's called remember when?  So remember when I got all dressed up in cute fall clothes (even though it was SO hot) so we could go on a 'fall drive' for FHE?   Remember when I had you take my picture before we left?  Remember when I left the camera at home?  Yeah, 'I am so smart S-M-R-T'!  Oops!  Next time I will actually remember!  At least we got a picture for the blog!;) 
Also:  If you have not checked out Melissa's blog please do!  She is sponsoring a great idea for all of us to wear a little pink each day in October to support breast cancer!  I am totally in, this cause is very close to my heart!  Here is what I wore last night...
Top Tucker for Target: Signature dress
Tights DKNY: Houndstooth
Belt Anthro: Looping lanes
Boots Miz Mooz: Solis
Get used to them- you will see them ALOT!!!
Necklace Anthro: similar here

Ps- Anthro why are you taunting me with this in grey now too?  I had finally come to terms with the cream one 'not working out!'


  1. Really cute outfit! Those boots are amazing. I would wear them all the time too if I owned them.

  2. I can definitely get used to seeing those boots often! I love your pattern mixing! And I played a lot of "remember when" this weekend with my best friend! You know, "Remember when we carried the baby in the stroller up two flights of granite stairs and the ramp was right there, in plain sight?" Mmhmm...

  3. Love the print of this dress. What a fun outfit for a beautiful (hot) fall day =)

  4. You look great in this hunnie...love the color on you..and SOOOO in love with those boots girl!!
    I joined Melissas pink challenge too....not sure how many days Ill be able to actually wear pink, but Ill try to sneak it in every chance I get:)

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  5. I love this outfit, well done!
    I wish it were cooler in D.C.

  6. That tunic looks great... beautiful colours!

  7. I have a question at the risk of sounding stupid.
    What does "OOTD" mean?
    I tried to figure it out, then I looked through your blog archives to see if you said but I couldn't find it. Is it something really obvious that every blogger but me knows about?
    Jane : )

  8. Those boots are adorable by the way. : )

  9. Super, super CUTE - I love this color on you! Your hubby is a good sport to go along with your Fall drive, maybe he'll even be up for a re-do next week ;)

    Jane - OOTD = Outfit of the Day

  10. Love the tights with that dress! And I won't get sick of those boots, I love 'em!

  11. Oh, the pattern tights are awesome with this dress!!!!

  12. I love the autumn colors in this...and I'm so happy to see those boots again! You look stunning.

    I'm going to try out Melissa's challenge as well :)

  13. Gah! I'm so behind on reading posts. Thanks for mentioning the challenge! I think I might ask anyone who has a story to share about their experience to email me so that I can put that all into a post too. Or maybe I should do a featured post every now and then throughout the month. Would you be willing to share your story?

    And I'd be remiss to not mention those boots! I know I've said it before but I LOVE them!!! You are so gorgeous!