Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Sale fun!

Whew, that last post was heavy hu?  Sorry about that... note to self: do not write posts in the middle of the night!:)  I am really 'trying' to be conservative today on my sale items because if you love Nordy's as much as I do you know what happens in 3 days... ANNIVERSARY SALE!!!!  FYI: it's where all of the new fall clothes are marked down 30% best time of year to pick up winter boots, cardi's, and of course designer jeans!!!  Here are the three things I picked up...

Tees by Anthropologie at ShopStyle

Sleeveless Tops by Anthropologie at ShopStyle

Bracelets by Anthropologie at ShopStyle


  1. Great picks...that red striped shirt is tempting, but with the shopping ban and all...hmmm...BUT, I hear ya about the anniversary sale! I'm super excited that we'll be in San Fran this weekend...I'm definitely hitting Nordstrom while I'm there in search of some fun fall deals! =)

  2. I got the red yardem tee too. Isn't retail therapy the best. I've never been to a Nordstroms Anniversary sale. I'm seriously thinking about going. I'm not really sure where the closest Nordstroms is though. I probably need to look it up.

  3. Good job practicing restraint here so you can go all out at Nordstrom :)

    I held out all morning saying to myself I would sit it out, but then I fell. I ordered two pairs of the Pilcro jeans for $50 each. There two colors on the site and they looked so close in color, I figured I'd get both and sort it out when they arrived. I love my Pilcro carpenters!

  4. Cute stuff! I love that first top but decided against it. I almost caved for the refracted tieback too!

  5. Cute sale buys! I am trying to stay strong this round of markdowns!