Thursday, July 15, 2010

OOTD- it's all in the details!

It's been a busy day so far... my daughter had her 18 month shots (I hate taking my kids to get shots!)  I am fully 'mom clothed' out today!  I love the little details in this shirt! 
Top Anthro: similar here
Shorts Joe's: Bermudas
Shoes Tory Burch: Flip Flops
Necklace Tiffany: Figure Eight
Headband Anthro: similar here


  1. Without sounding creepy, can I just say you have such a pretty and genuine smile! =)

    Hope your baby girl recovers from her shots quickly!!

  2. i love those shorts!!! i wish i could wear that length..but my legs are to short! boo!! xoxo

  3. I love how simple and comfy it all is :-D Those shorts definitely look like I can chase my kids around and run errands. Hope your baby gets all better soon :-)

  4. I love that top and that headband! So cute!

  5. You look so cute even if you're "mom clothed"! I totally blogged about mom uniforms today too! Love that cute headband you're rocking!

  6. Love that shirt...cutest sleeve details! I think the headband helps take the "mom" out of the look great! I wear my jean shorts all the time during the summer when I cart my kids around. At least they sell shorts that aren't too mommish or hootchie....if they didn't I'd be in a big fashion dilemma!

  7. I love the sleeve detail on your tee - how adorable! I hope the shots weren't too awful for your sweetpea.