Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Mother's Day is on it's way!

Since I ONLY (read sarcasm) have 2 1/2 months left of this pregnancy I am dreaming of the day I can once again wear my regular clothes (meaning 9 months after the baby is born and I can fit back into them!)  I have found quite a wishlist and with Mother's day right around the corner here is a list of ideas (hint hint!)

I fell in love with these the first day them came out!!

I am picturing myself in this dress and this cardi I already picked up!

One thing about shoes is they always fit....  even when you are 9 months pregnant!
I know full well all of these things won't happen ($$and with my girls weekend getaway next weekend$$) but a girl can hope right!?

Don't forget my diaper bag that is not negotiable!


  1. Fun list!!! I am dying for the Highlighted Frequencies cardigan to go on sale already...NEED IT! =) Hope you get a few of your wishlist items!!!

  2. Such fun finds. I can't believe you only have 2.5 months left. It's flying by for me...hahaha! That was kind of cruel, huh!

  3. those shoes and cardi need to go on sale stat!! And a few other things next month so I can use my bday discount on them!

  4. Wow! Love them all and that dress is amazing!!